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Here are some of the young people supporting Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation in a range of ways.



Coordinator of Shakhsiyah Qur’an Classes:

Hamza runs and teaches at the supplementary Qur’an classes in Shakhsiyah School, London for children aged 7-11. Hamza helps out at events such as the Fun Day, taking responsibility for the famously delicious BBQ as well as taking responsibility at other community events. Hamza can also be relied upon to help move things around the school when necessary.



Summer Camp Coordinator:

Aneesah ran the hugely successful Slough Summer Camp in August 2014. This gave young children an opportunity to learn first aid, use pivot animation software and do fun science and craft activities. Aneesah also helped write the website text and has regularly been in school helping out with displays and resources as well as supporting children. Aneesah has been the designated first aider at several community events as well as being part of the organization team.



Website Maintenance Coordinator:

Hannah has offered her support in various ways, taking responsibility for supporting the launch and maintenance of the latest ISF website. In addition, she has been assisting school teachers with their display work and preparation of resources and in the classrooms by listening to children read. Hannah volunteered in the Family Fun Days managing the school stall, selling tickets for rides and serving drinks at the food zone. Hannah was also involved in organising the Slough Summer Camp 2014 and taught the children IT skills in using the Pivot Stick software.



Sayfullah has produced exciting fliers for the London Family Fun Day and is a regular volunteer helping out at the Fun Day managing the rides and manning the delicious food stalls. Sayfullah has also supported School presentations and other events through being part of the set up and pack up team as well as being available to support guests during the event. Sayfullah played a big role in the success of the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation ten year celebration ‘Rihla tul Mausassah Shakhsiyah Islamiyah’: the Journey of Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation. Sayfullah can also be relied upon to help move things around the school when necessary.



Safa has helped prepare the structure and text for the new Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation website. She also used her skills to help devise and apply a transliteration policy for Arabic words. Safa was a volunteer the first Fundraising Dinner and continues to help out at other community events.



Naimah has used her creative skills to support the Shakhsiyah Schools’ annual presentations for a number of years through skillfully hosting the event. She is also involved in volunteering at the annual Family Fun Day and other events.



Taqwa helped organize the Summer Camp 2014 taking the lead in the textiles classes. She is a regular volunteer in fundraising events. Taqwa has contributed to the structure and text for the foundation’s website and has supported teachers in school.



Ruqayyah has volunteered her photography skills assisting with the production of the photos for the website and other materials. She also regularly volunteers in events such as the Family Fun Day including marketing and distribution of fliers.



Talha regularly volunteers in moving furniture and equipment around the school and assisting at fundraising events. He took responsibility for sourcing items for auction and has helped out behind stalls at events.



Dania volunteers in supporting teachers with displays, working with children and preparation for the annual presentation. She has been involved in volunteering at the annual Family Fun Days and other community events.





ISF Youth News

  • Charity Fundraising Dinner 2015 29-Dec-2015

    I was invited to attend the Shakhsiyah Primary School fundraising event at Abbey Manor, as an alumni, on Saturday 19th December 2015. Upon arriving at

  • Winter 2015 - Calling All Alumni 11-Dec-2015

    We are delighted to announce that we are launching our Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation’s Alumni Team, formally called ‘Shakhsiyah Youth’.  Since

  • Summer 2015: Summer Camp, Slough 24-Aug-2015

    From the 17th - 21st August 2015, Shakhsiyah Youth held their second highly successful ‘Summer Camp’. The camp offered the children a variety of f

  • Spring 2015: Qur'an Class Update 23-Feb-2015

    Alhamdulillah the classes have been running consistently throughout the academic year and the two groups of around twenty children are making good pro

ISF Youth Activities

  • After School Qur'an Classes, London
    After a successful pilot, Shakhsiyah Youth members launched after school Quran classes beginning in September 2014. Ustadh Hamza (Hafidhul Qur'an) is
  • Family Fun Days
    Shakhsiyah Youth in both branches have been involved in helping to organise and run the annual Shakhsiyah Schools Family Fun Days.
  • Summer Camp, Slough
    Shakhsiyah Youth ran a Summer Camp in Slough for children aged 7-11 from Monday 11th August - Friday 15th August. Twenty five children attended.