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Educational Visits


“If anyone travels on a road in search of knowledge, Allah will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise.”    Tirmidhi

Children’s learning is enhanced through undertaking educational visits where they engage in real-life experiential learning, ask questions and discovering new perspectives. Educational visits are used by teachers to enhance the holistic curriculum. Each class embarks upon one local and one further afield educational visit at least once a term. Some examples are given below.

Big Bang Fair (London)
Children from years 3-6 visited the Big Bang Fair at the Excel Centre in London to participate in exciting and innovative science, engineering, technology and mathematical experiments and activities.

Creative Museum Learning Project (Slough)
As part of the Creative Museum Learning Project, children in Year 3 learnt the role of curators in a museum in displaying artefacts for the public to see. Through this understanding, the children produced their own artefacts, and built up a portfolio of work. Children designed booklets to accompany their exhibitions, which were entered for the Discover Level Arts Award, a nationally recognized award.

Discover Children’s Story Centre (London)
Primary aged children enjoyed the story writing activities and workshops in the Discover Story Centre. The workshop helped children think of ways in which to enhance the quality of their fictional writing skills. The tutors used imaginative and colorful writing prompts that captured the imagination of our children allowing them to think of new vocabulary to use in their writing. It is an activity that is enjoyed by even the most reluctant of writers in the school.

Freightliners Farm (London)
The Freightliners Farm in Islington offers a variety of educational workshops for our children in the Early Years and Key Stage One classes. They learn through workshops about different farm animals and their relationships with humans. Children love the opportunity to pet the animals and get involved in feeding activities. They are also introduced to new vocabulary linked to nature and farm life as they are encouraged to look at signage throughout the farm.

Houses of Parliament (London and Slough)
Once a year in the summer term, children go to visit the Houses of Parliament for the Year 5 theme of ‘Systems’ to learn about the history and role of government, democracy and the civil service in British society. They walk through the Houses of Parliament on a guided tour and are given opportunities to understand how the system of government works in the United Kingdom, including the role of the House of Commons and the House of Lords

Legoland Windsor Resort (London and Slough)
All the children visit Legoland at the end of each year, where they participate in many exciting and interesting activities. This is a much anticipated event, particularly as the children in Slough and London meet each other and enjoy lunch together.

Stubbers Adventure Centre (London)
Key Stage Two children in London visited Stubbers Adventure Centre in Upminster, Essex, for their end of year trip. They participated in water sports, motor sports and other activities. It was a much-anticipated event, and a wonderful way to end the year.

Walks around Windsor (Slough)
Children in the Early Years classes and primary classes visit key landmarks in the Royal Town of Windsor including going on a tour around Windsor Castle, Windsor Parish and a walk through Windsor High Street. The children see the famous historical site of Windsor castle and its surrounding areas and think about what the town must have looked like centuries ago.

Sherlock Holmes Museum (Slough)
Children in Year 5 visit the museum as part of their learning about Victorian Britain through the fictional characters of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, who lived in Baker Street between 1881 and 1904. The children are able to look closely at the exhibited wax modes and sets taken from scenes in the books, and make notes on what they see, touch and smell. The learning from this trip is then used as inspiration to write fictional stories in the classroom.

Woburn Safari Park (London)
Children enjoy visiting Woburn Safari park in Milton Keynes as they are able to see many wildlife animals up close. The children also take part in interactive sessions in the Enrichment centre with live videos and animals for the children to learn about. The children learn about species that are under threat in the wild, and think about ways in which they can help conserve these beautiful species.

Look Out Discovery Centre (Slough)
Children in our Early Years and Year 1-2 classes look forward to visiting the LookOut Discovery centre in Bracknell, Berkshire every year, where they investigate science and nature. This trip aids their experiential learning of Knowledge and Understanding of the World in their classrooms.  

Odd Farm Trip (Slough)
Every year, children in the Early Years enjoy learning about farm animals and the role of the farming providing care, food and shelter for these farm animals in their trip to Odds Farm near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. This trip supports the children’s learning by seeing, smelling and hearing farm animals for the first time as they learn about the lifecycles of lambs, see cows being milked and get to go on tractor and trailer rides.

London and Slough Schools’ Visits to Museums in London
These have included visits to:
•    The British Museum, where children learnt about different cultures and lifestyles from around the world, including seeing exhibitions on Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Persia and the Roman Empire.
•    The Jewish Museum, where Year 4 learnt about the belief and culture of Judaism as part of their study of Ancient Egypt. They looked at Jewish scrolls, artifacts and sacred symbols.
•    The London Aquarium, where Year 1 saw how sea creatures survive in salty water in seas and oceans around the world, as part of their theme “Under the Sea”. The children linked this to the ayat of Allah ta’ala.
•    The London Transport Museum, where Year 2 discovered various forms of transport from the modern and Victorian eras, as part of their theme “Journeys”.
•    The Natural History Museum to visit various science linked workshops and exhibitions, including an exhibition about fossil bones and skeletons for the Year 4 theme of ‘Moving and Growing’
•    The Ragged School Museum, where the children experienced life of children in the Victorian times for the Year 5 theme of ‘Systems’ by focusing on Victorian clothing, schools and household chores.
•    The Royal Observatory Greenwich where the children learnt more about significant astronomers, including Muslim astronomers for the Year 3 theme of ‘Time and Space’. They also learned facts about the universe and space by watching the shows in the planetarium and looking at a piece of an ancient asteroid.
•    The Science Museum to visit various sciences linked workshops and exhibitions, including an exhibition about the complexity of the brain for the Year 6 theme of ‘How We See Things’ The children watched interactive workshops of how to build rockets.
•    The Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Jameel Gallery showing Muslim exhibits of art and architecture for the Year 4 theme of ‘Asia’ and other pieces of global art.
•    The Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood for the Year 2 theme of ‘Gifts and Games’ to see how many different types of games and toys have evolved over the centuries in the United Kingdom and around the world.
•    Tour of famous historical sites in Central London, looking at old streets with Roman designs to contemporary architectural designs of new buildings for the Year 5 theme of ‘British Empire’ including the London Wheel, Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

London and Slough Schools’ Visits to Local Libraries
Children visit their local libraries, Slough High Street library and St. Ann’s library, London, to learn how to search for books using the online book catalogue and listen to storytelling sessions given by the librarians. For a list of regular and special events and what resources Slough Library and St Ann's Library have to offer please visit:  Slough Library and St Ann's Library.

London and Slough Schools’ visit to a Local Care Home
Children in Year 2 visit a local Care Home as part of their ‘My Family and Community’ theme to give gifts to the old people who live in residential care there. Children understand that a charitable act of kindness goes a long way as they learn about ways to help and volunteer in their local community by sharing food and clothes.

London and Slough Schools’ Visits to Local Parks
Every half term, children from different classes visit their local parks, including Chestnuts Park, Herschel Park and St. Paul’s Park, to enhance learning in many ways.  Children also visit various nature reserves located in the local area to see how wildlife is protected. These visits enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding of the natural environment, and they learn that looking after the world is a responsibility for us all.


London and Slough:

  • Autumn Term: Monday 11th September 2017 to Thursday 14th December 2017
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 23rd October 2017 to Friday 27th October 2017
  • Parents' Open Day: Friday 15th December 2017

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