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26th August 2015: Suffah School Short Course


Farah Ahmed delivered a short course at Suffah School, Hounslow on ‘Aims and Objectives of Islamic Education’. Teacher’s feedback was that it was an excellent start to the new academic year. They felt they were able to renew and clarify their niyyah. Further courses at Suffah School are now planned.



2nd February 2015: Shakhsiyah Teacher Education welcomes the publication of ‘Claim Your College’


As a member institution of the College of Teachers we have supported the College’s involvement in the proposal to establish a new ‘College of Teaching’. This proposal is moving forward and a new publication ‘Claim Your College’ highlights how the college will work for the teaching profession.


The document highlights that “At the point at which the Charter passes to the new College of Teaching, the College of Teachers will cease.” When we have more information we will post updates as to how this will affect our membership of the College of Teachers and their accreditation of our courses.




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Available Courses

Course Name Location Date
Shakhsiyah Teacher Education Course Shakhsiyah School, London Branch 2015-09-04
Shakhsiyah Teacher Education Course Shakhsiyah School, Slough Branch 2014-08-29