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Shakhsiyah (Personalized Character Education)


The principle of dynamic parent-teacher-learner relationships generated through human-scale personalized shakhsiyah education.


At the heart of all Islamic education is developing the qualities, character and personality of a Muslim or shakhsiyah Islamiyah. Through a small-school or ‘human-scale’ structure, this Islamic ideal of individual character development is able to flourish. Parents and teachers work closely together in the tarbiyah of their children. As the teacher is first and foremost a murabbi, she must know each individual child well enough to engage in effective tarbiyah. The principle of shakhsiyah Islamiyah is based on the Islamic understanding of human development as opposed to the secular-humanist understanding. Thus the spiritual aspect of this development is directly linked with the individual’s relationship to Allah, the Most High. Shakhsiyah development releases the natural fitrah to know Allah, through firstly living Islam as deen recognising Allah in every thought and deed and secondly, through cultivating spiritual self-awareness leading to contentment (nafs al mutmainnah).



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