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Niyyah (Intention):


The principle of loving learning for the sake of Allah; growing towards Allah is the ultimate purpose of the human being.


In contrast to the contemporary utilitarian concept of education, Islamic education gives meaning to every moment of learning as all learning is seen by the teacher and the learner as the fulfilment of the fitrah and the recognition of Allah in the learning process. In this way learning is celebrated as the fulfilment of human potential, and the actualisation of the human being’s role as trustee of creation, khalifa-tul-ardh. This concept of learning is captured in two important Qur’anic narratives of ‘Beginning’; the beginning of humanity in the creation of Adam who is taught the ‘names of things’ directly by Allah, al ‘Aleem (the All-Knowing) and the beginning of the final revelation of when Muhammad (saw) is ordered to Iqra (Recite), the words of Allah. Both are instances of learning and they both point to the ayat (signs) of Allah not just in the kitab (book) but in all creation. All learning is to understand His ayat and to grow closer to Allah.

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