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Halaqah (Islamic Oral Pedagogy)


The principle of halaqah as a prophetic pedagogy that synthesizes tarbiyah, ta’alim and taadib.


The traditional pedagogy of halaqah has always been instrumental in tarbiyah; Muslim parents have always sat in circles with their children, telling Islamic stories and discussing Islamic beliefs and values. Prophet Muhammad (saw) established halaqah as a mode of tarbiyah. Although many of his companions were literate the transmission of learning was essentially oral and transformative. Islamic education has never been an ‘academic’ exercise; it has always been purposeful and transformative for individuals and society. The halaqah tradition has been maintained in the madrasaat and other educational institutions in the Islamic world. In Shakhsiyah schools, this type of tarbiyah halaqah has been developed to incorporate ta’alim and taadib.



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