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Visitors to our Schools


Aik Saath – Together As One (Slough)

Every year, our children from Years 5 and 6 meet Rob Deek from ‘Aik Saath – Together as One’. The children hear about how the charity believes in working together with different communities within the local area for positive social change. The children learn about different examples of stories in which the volunteers in the charity have

Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice (Slough)

All the children in Slough learned about the need for a local children’s hospice from a representative of the Alexander Devine charity. This visit is especially poignant as children from Year 6 have recently lost a classmate to cancer. Inna lillahi wa inna alayhi rajeoun. Children participated in various activities to raise funds to help the effort to build a local children’s hospice.

Joanna Moon: Story-teller and Author (London)

Storyteller Joanna Moon visited the London branch to narrate the story of Prophet Ibrahim (alayhis salam) and his wife Hajar through the Arabian desert. She recounted the story with a very captivating use of voice and rhythm to engage the interest of her listeners. Thus, the children were enthralled with empathy and emotions for the hardship endured by Hajar. Children were given opportunities to participate in story-telling exercises and discuss different ways a story could be written. Children were so excited that they are keen to participate in more storytelling activities.

Lauren Booth (London)

The journalist, broadcaster and human rights activist Lauren Booth visited the school to carry out an English writing skills workshop and activity with the children to develop the quality of their journalistic compositions. The activity also involved the children preparing for a special assembly to read out their newspaper articles to parents, giving attention to body language and tone of voice, to develop confidence in their public speaking skills. In addition, she shared stories of her journey to Islam and her experiences in Palestine, focusing on her active role in highlighting the plight of children living and going to school in Gaza. This was a memorable day for the children.

Local Councillor (Slough)

The local Labour councilor for Slough, Shafique Chaudry, visited the Slough school to find out about the good work the school is doing for the community. He was impressed to hear presentations from various classes and commented on the good behaviour and confidence of all the children he met during his visit. He gave the school his words of support in helping to locate suitable premises for the school.

Looking after Animal Welfare (London and Slough)

On separate occasions, representatives from ‘Animal Aid’ and ‘Edutainment’ visit the children in the schools to show their collection of exotic small creatures and reptiles. The visitors explained to the children how they can protect and look after endangered species of animals and ensure that animals taken as pets are not mistreated. In addition,   the representatives talk about habitats, hibernation patterns and the feeding habits of various animals.

Nasheed Artist Zain Bhika (London)

The children were thrilled to see the popular nasheed artist Zain Bhika visit their school and sing one of his inspiring nasheeds called ‘Allah Knows’. He talked to the children about the importance of remembering Allah ta’ala at every moment of their lives, giving examples from his experiences. Zain Bhika also surprised the children by giving the teachers complementary compilations of his new nasheeds to play in the classrooms. As a token of their gratitude, the children ended his visit by singing a nasheed they had prepared for him.

Parents as Visitors (London and Slough)

The schools regularly invite many parents into the school to talk to specific classes about their roles as family members, carers and professionals in the community. They bring in models and props to help their presentations for the children to understand what work they do to help other people. Some parents have even brought in frogs, rabbits, drums and babies to show the children. Other parents have talked about their career paths in the IT industry, Airport, Finance, Dentistry and also about their trips to Hajj and Umrah. The children enjoy these sessions and are proud to see their own parents being an active part of their learning.

Representatives from the Emergency Services: Fire, Health and Police (London and Slough)

Every year, we welcome Community Officers from the local Police, Fire-fighters and Community Health workers visit the school to discuss with the children the important work they do in the local communities, how to stay safe and look after ourselves, what to do in an emergency and what their specific role entails. This also includes giving the children the opportunity to explore a fire engine, police equipment and common medical and first aid equipment. These visits are a wonderful way for the children to learn about the different types of community work that exists to keep us all safe and healthy.

Road Safety Week (London and Slough)

Each year, Road Safety officers from the Haringey and Slough councils visit the schools to discuss Road Safety with the children. Through various videos, flashcards and props, the children learn about increasing visibility on the road and think of ways in which they can increase their safety on the oral as passengers and pedestrians. In addition, during the week the schools organise theme-based activities for the children, including a road safety bake sale, a road safety assembly and the children are encouraged to wear reflective clothing to school.


London and Slough:

  • Autumn Term: Monday 11th September 2017 to Thursday 14th December 2017
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 23rd October 2017 to Friday 27th October 2017
  • Parents' Open Day: Friday 15th December 2017

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