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Zeinab from Rainbow class

In my school, ISF, we are given the opportunity to explore Islamic Inventions and key stage two are able to build up their confidence and speak to students from other schools about famous Muslim inventors.

Isra from Purple class

My school is amazing because it teaches you how to become the best Muslim. The teachers are kind, they teach us about our deen and help us remember Allah. We are taught to be creative during our Arts and Crafts lessons which I love so much.

Muntaha from Purple class

I love my school because it teaches me beautiful akhlaaq and it gives me ambitions for what I want to be when I grow up. Also when I am upset, the teachers and friends make me feel happy.


Aasiyah from Purple class

My school is the nicest school because I learn something new everyday Alhamdulillah and I enjoy all the lessons we have as they all teach different skills. For example, in the maths lessons we learn about problem solving and in the science lessons we carry out investigations and experiments.


Anisa from Orange class

ISF is the best school of all because it helps us challenge our selves and every lesson is exciting and teaches us about different  things.


Fatima from Orange class

I love my school. It is amazing and incredible. I never ever want to leave this school.

Iffah Blue class

I like my school because we have such fun and it so exciting.


Afnan Atif from Blue class

My school is fabulous because I can do great activities and learn many new nasheeds. My friends are also really nice and I enjoy reading and writing.




Abdullah from Rainbow class

This school is unique because in other schools, we don’t have Halaqah, it is a time where you can express what you feel inside you. If you have difficulty in something, the teachers will help you to resolve the problem.


Rayyan from Turquoise class

I feel that I am blessed to go to ISF because this is a private school and it allows me to practice my Deen. I also feel special because we are taught by the highest quality of teachers and we even get to learn Arabic, the most beautiful language in the world.


Sarah from Purple class

I think that this school is very nice and I enjoy myself a lot. Sometimes I stop and think to myself when I am going to leave this school and i get sad as I would miss my teachers and my friends. When I leave, I will have lots of good memories about school events and in this school, you can talk to your teacher about your feelings.

Raneem from Orange class

I love school because it is very compelling. I like this school so much that I want to learn so much for the sake of Allah. I want to learn for the sake of Allah because I want to get knowledge and I want to pass it on.


Zahra from Green class

This school gives Islamic teaching, gives intelligent writing and teaches Islamic education. I also like the themes. I like learning in this school and I love Maths and P.E. so, so much.


Anam from Blue class, Slough

I love art and it is so fun, and I love Maths. My teacher is so fun. I love Halaqah. ISF is like one big family, we all love each other for Allah’s sake.





London and Slough:

  • Spring Term: Tuesday 2nd January 2018 to Wednesday 28th March 2018
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 12th February 2018 to Friday 16th February 2018
  • Parents' Open Day: Thursday 29th March 2018

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