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Slough School Visitors & Activities

Visitors and Activities 2017-2018


8th December 2017

Annual Presentation - Seeking the Divine Love of Allah SWT

The presentation this year took place in the hall on the top floor at Dawson House and was based around the theme of 'Seeking the Divine Love of Allah (SWT)’. The presentation began with yellow class reminding us that Allah is Our Creator, our Al Khaliq. It was followed by year 1 who shared their understanding of Allah (SWT), as Al Wudood, the One who is full of loving kindness, the most loving. Red class then sang a nasheed about the 5 pillars of Islam reminding us of Deen-ul-Islam. Next year 2, encouraged us to reflect upon Allah’s (SWT) words in the Quran,  a recitation of amazing lessons and deep meaning allowing us to reflect upon its verses and bring that understanding into our daily lives. Year 3 visually showed us the unified message that all the prophets including prophet Muhammad (saw) gave us to keep to seek the Divine Love of Allah through the unity of the ummah and by keeping good company. Year 4 explained to us who the people are that Allah loves and year 5 showed us that to love Allah (SWT) and attain ihsaan, we must turn to Him in worship and ask Him to guide us in dua. Through year 6, we learnt about the spiritual and physical function of our heart, our qalb. When we just take a few steps toward Allah, we find that He comes to us by a greater distance. It is only through the worship of Allah (SWT) do we find a purpose for our life, after all we are all born to worship Him alone.

We would like to say a big JazakAllah khairun to all parents who volunteered in preparing the backdrop, stage props, food and setup/cleanup, photography on the day, as well as the staff and children who all worked so hard to put together this wonderful event. MashAllah we had such a positive feedback. A lot of parents mentioned it was one of the best they had seen in many years at ISF. We raised a total of £1,438 for the school’s fundraising efforts. May Allah reward you for your support.


5th December 2017

Visit by Local Photographer

Shakhsiyah School was visited by a photographer from the local Slough Express newspaper following the recent excellent report that we received from Ofsted; we were rated as being a Good school with elements of Outstanding.

You can find the full article here.


3rd-5th October 2017

Visit by Ofsted Inspectors

Shakshiyah school were visited by HMI inspectors on a routine full inspeaction from Tuesday 3rd October to Thursday 5th October 2018. The inspectors were warmly welcomed by the school community as they spent threee days speaking to staff, children and parents. You can read the full report here.



Visitors and Activities 2016-2017


30th March 2017

Fascinating Visit by Animal Edutainment

Children from the entire school were delighted to see Mr Walter again, from Animal Edutainment, for the third year, on Thursday 30th March 2017. He brought in his exotic selection of animals and creepy crawlies for the children to touch, hold and observe. This enabled our children from the tender age of 3 years old to 11 years old to learn about the varied habitats and lifestyles of this interesting creatures!


17th March 2017

Islamic Inventions Fair (part of British Science and Engineering Week)

We would like to say JazakAllah khairun to our school community for making this event a huge success. The children presented their research to visitors all day; we were delighted to welcome children and teachers from several schools, various members of the community and our school parents and children. We received wonderful feedback from all visitors about the depth of research carried out by the children and the quality of the children's creative 3D models and artwork in making their exhibits so informative mashAllah. Visitors were also able to name their favourite research exhibit before they left. The results will be announced later this week inshAllah. Through this research exhibition, we hope that we have inspired our young generation to be confident in their Islamic identity and heritage, contributing to modern soceity as pioneers, inventors and developers in the future, ameen.


20th and 21st February 2017

School Open Days

Alhamdulillah the Open Days were well attended by various members of the community as well as existing parents who had an opportunity to come in and see the school in action. The visitors left very positive feedback, including  comments on the creative displays around the school, the wonderful behaviour of the children, the presentations of the children on stage and the confidence of the tour guides from year 5 and 6 mashAllah. We also received interest in admissions and into purchase of our curricula.


19th February 2017

Maths Educational Problem Solving Workshop

An educator from an educational company visited the school on Thursday 19th February to carry out problem solving activities with the children in our primary classes. Using specially created soft play resources, the children were guided in trying to solve unique puzzles. The educator brought in large tangram games, challenging cube shapes to construct and lots of other games designed to develop new skills and to learn through participation and fun. Each activity was  differentiated to suit the children from year 1 to year 6 and abilities. These activities developed key skills within the children, including co-operation and decision making through communication and team work. 


10th February 2017

Mufti Day  - Save the Children Charity

MashAllah, we collected about £90 from the Mufti Day on Friday 10th February 2017. Children came to school came wearing wonderfully clothes, all eager to raise money for the needy. This money was given to the international charity of Save the Children for their ‘East Africa Food Crisis Appeal’. May Allah accept all our sadaqah, ameen.


15th December  2016

Annual Presentation - Our Journey to Allah (swt)

All the children from Nursery to year 6 took part on stage in our new hall in Dawson House to exhibit their understanding of our school ethos: The Principles of Shakhsiyah Education through the theme of 'Our Journey to Allah'. Through our presentation, the children explored the different understandings of ‘journeying to Allah’ as this profound phrase does not just mean the physical journey we make for Hajj, but a comprehensive journey as we move along the path we call life. Therefore, the guests which numbered over 200, saw and heard each principle being exhibited through anasheed and plays to show the growth and relocation of the school from Lion House, to the aspirations of Shakhsiyah school children and finally to a future scene in Shakhsiyah University.

The hall was presented beautifully for the evening with our own banquet chairs, yummy food and an amazing back drop. We wish to say a big JazakAllah khairun to all the parents, staff and children who helped make this presentation a memorable event for all, Alhamdulillah.


14th December 2016

A Flying Doctor Visits!

Children in key stage 2 were excited to see a doctor come into the school and talk about the emergency work he does being part of the Air Ambulance team. The doctor brought in his medical kit and uniform and gave examples of the many situations and emergencies that he has helped the injured and needed in. The children asked many interesting questions and were inspired to learn more about the different types of medical teams, kits and ambulances.


30th September

Children and teachers say good bye to Lion House

It is with a sad heart that we are leaving Lion House on this day. Children and staff in assembly over the whole week have been reflecting upon our memories and experiences in these premises. This is the end of an era which saw our school expand from 50 children in 2005 to the current capacity for 120 children. Tifly Day Care was also established here in 2007. During the last 11 years, we have seen our children partake in many amazing feats and achievements, and I am sure that Lion House will be missed by the entire school community. Alhamdulillah, we are temporarily relocating to Dawson House for the next 2-3 years inshaAllah.


23rd September 2016

A Dietician Visits!

Year 2 were delighted to have a visit from a Nutritionist as part of our science topic ‘healthy eating’. Children had the opportunity to ask questions and find out about having a healthy and balanced diet. The nutritionist also shared advice from the Sunnah in looking after our bodies and the food we choose to eat.




Visitors and Activities 2015-2016


29th June 2016

End of Year Mufti Day

Children and staff celebrated the end of another year in school in which the school community worked hard together to accomplish many achievements including holding the exciting productions of the Annual Presentation, the amazing research carried out in the Islamic Inventions Fair, the end of theme research exhibitions, the selection of several children in key stage 2 to include their poetry in the Young Writers Poetry on Emotions, confident performances on the Charity Dinners and not forgettting the amazing amounts of donations collected from the school community to go towards our premises appeal. MashaAllah, together we raised over £400,000 this academic year for our new school building!

We pray that Allah ta'ala blesses us with a suitable and blessed school building in which we can continue to grow and learn together for the sake of Allah ta'ala, ameen!


29th June 2016

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

We held our Year 6 Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday 29th June 2016 at 2pm before the end of the last day of school. Parents of year 6 children were invited to attend this ceremony to hear the children recite a short surah of their choice and talk about their learning journey and memorable moments in the school. Head teacher Tahreem presented each child with a Graduation certificate and a gift from the school. There was not a dry eye in the room as mothers gave their comments about their child's time in ISF and how the school will be missed. May of these children have been with the school since Tifly (since the age of three years old) mashaAllah. We wish them all the best in their new schools and we pray that Allah keeps them steadfast on their deen, ameen.


29th June 2016

IMAS Belt and Medal Ceremony

Sunny from IMAS visited the school during the last afternoon of the academic year to hand out medals and belts out to all the children in key stage 2 for their amazing progress and achievements as their have advanced through the IMAS and PE curricula. MashaAllah, Aleena Rouf and Dhuhaa Sadiq were recognised for their amazing progress this year 2016 by having their names inscribed onto the Mustafa Ali Sadiq plaque. Well done Aleena and Dhuhaa!!


20th June 2016

Visit by Animal Edutainment

Once again the children were extremely excited to be visited by Mr. Walters from Animal Edutainment for the third year. He brought in exotic animals and creatures such as an African snail and a tarantula. Children had an opportunity to see the animals close up and even touch them under his supervision. The bravest of our children were the Early Yaesr children who were not scared to touch the tarantulas or the non venomous snakes! We pray this courage remains with them as they grow older too!


9th June 2016

School Photographs Taken

Professional photographers from Snap That Photo visted the school to take phtotgraphs of all the children in the school either inididually or in siblings' group photos. The children looked wonderful mashaAllah in the photos. Photographs taken by brother Mohsin last year of the year 6 children in May 2015 were also available for purchase.


13th May 2016

Qur'an Party in Yellow Class!

MashaAllah, children in Yellow class held a Quran party on Friday 13th May 2016 to celebrate their memorisation of the last 22 surahs from Juz Amma Alhamdulillah. This is an amazing feat considering that these children are aged between 4-5 years old; they are role models for us all.


19th March 2016

Class Presentations at the Fundraising Charity Dinner  'Shajarah Tayyibah'

The guests who attended the second Fundraising Charity Dinner Shajarah Tayyibah were treated to heart warming nasheeds sung by children in years 1 and 2. However, the highlight of the eveining was the martial arts show performed by children in year 3 and 6 with their IMAS instructors! The guests were enthralled to see the skills and discipline of these children. All parents expressed their appreciation of the close learning partnership that we have with IMAS and our school mashaAllah.


18th March 2016

Islamic Inventions Fair  - Celebrating Islamic Heritage

The children in key stage 2 once again amazed the local community by presenting their independent research into Muslim heritage in the local Slough library. Both parents and visitors commented on how confidently the children spoke whilst explaining their particular scientist/philosopher/inventor and explorer, taking care to ensure that all visitors understood how these historical figures have impacted their modern lives. InshaAllah, these children have also been inspired to be role models for future generations in their right, ameen.


You can see the article written by the Slough Express newspaper here.


16th March 2016

Basil and Crew Visit our School!

On Wednesday 16th March, our children were visted by the farm animal company called Basil and Crew. They came early in the morning with a selection of animals such as Shetland ponies, goats, lambs, chickens, ducks and various small animals. The crew also brought along food for the children to feed the animals, giving children the opportunities to learn about animal life. It was a wonderful experience for all children.


11th March 2016

How We See Things

One of our fathers came into school to talk to the children in key stage 2 about the components of the human eye and it works. He discussed the difference between short vision eyesight and long vision eyesight and how the use of spectacls can help us to see clearly near and far, if required. The children understood what they can do to keep their eyes healthy.  The children found this to a very informative and interesting topic mashaAllah!


4th February to 14th March 2016

Shura Council - Hot School Lunches

As an innovative way to raise much needed funds for the school's new premises campaign, the children in the Shura Council voted to run Hot School Lunches for those staff and children who wish to purchase a hot delicious meal once a week for this half term. Once again, the mums of ISF came forward to take on this responsbility to provide a variety of menu once a week. Therefore, we would like to say a big JazakAllah khairun to all the kind mums for cooking the hot lunches, the children thoroughly enjoyed them. The hot lunches have raised just over £1,436 and are very popular with staff and children, eagerly awaiting hot and delicious meals every Thursday.


19th December 2015

Fundraising Charity Dinner 2015 - Shajarah Tayyibah

Guests were delighted to see the confidence of Shakhsiyah school children from Years 3 to Year 6, as they performed on stage during the school's Charity Fundraising Dinner called 'Shajarah Tayyibah', which was held at the elegant Abbey Manor, Park Royal, London. Two Shakhsiyah school children, Zayd and Naaimah, began the evening by reciting Surah Ar Rahman. Year 6 children spoke about the importance of speaking 'A Good Word', which was followed by an inspiring Nasheed called Hadha kilma tayyibah. Children from Years 3 and 5 also sang the nasheed Give a Little of Yourself  (by Dawud Wharnsby) beautifully. The children were also delighted to see the amazing football tricks carried out by Colin Nell, with a few children practising a few tricks with him too! It was a wonderful evening, may Allah help us achieve our fundraising target for the sake of our children, Ameen.


17th December 2015

Mufti Day - Raising Funds for New Premises

On Thursday 17th December, all children came to school wearing non-uniform outfits on the last day of this term and donated £1 each for this privilege. The children looked colourful, yet smart! Funds collected from the Mufti Day will enhance the funds raised to secure new premises in the next few months, insha Allah.


11th December 2015

Annual Presentation - The Blessings of Allah

On Friday 11th December 2015, a packed auditorium of parents, family and friends were treated to an inspiring and educational representation of a few of the bountiful Blessings of Allah upon His Creation. The audience heard different children recite the entire Surah Ar Rahman from Red class to Year 6, whilst every class exhibited their understanding of Allah's Blessings through nasheeds, role play, Halaqah and speeches. Themes included discussing the blessings entailed within Allah's Wonders on Earth, in the Solar System, through helping one another and through the blessing of possessing imaan and tawqa. Year 6 concluded the evening by talking about the good words and actions of a Muslim, by growing a shajarah tayyibah, which will be rewarded in Jannah, ameen, before all children sang their final nasheed Hadha Kilma Tayyibah as a Grand Finale. It was truelly a memorable evening.


26th November 2015

Multi Cultural Day in Yellow Class!

Yellow class had a Multi cultural day on Thursday in which children came to school dressed in their traditional clothes from their respective countries and brought a dish each. They enjoyed eating together and discussed the different tastes of food. Children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and continued talking about how much fun they had on the multi cultural day in the following week.


18th November 2015

Nutritional Advice from a Dietician

Key stage 2 children were delighted to receive a visit from a dietician reminded them about the Ahadith and ayahs from the Quran on the importance of eating halal and nutritious food as our bodies are an amanah. The dietician gave the children advice on why eating good food is important, the different types of Macronutrients and Micronutrients, and how Healthy Foods and Unhealthy Foods affect our bodies. They came away understanding that the best way to live a healthy life is to eat a balanced diet, as such a diet provides nutrients that your body needs to function, it gives you energy and alertness throughout the day and that a balanced diet can also help prevent future disease and sickness including Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.

23rd October 2015

Exhibition of Independent Learning

Children in all the primary classes displayed their their independent learning 3D models, posters and PowerPoint presentations to each other during the last afternoon of the half term. The children had worked very hard all 6 weeks in pairs and independently to formulate a question of inquiry from their theme, that they would then find the answer to through their project's research; this enthusiasm and excitement to share their research was evident from the eagerness they showed whilst presenting their work. Models exhibited included a 3D model of Lion House (Theme: My Family and Community), a 3D model of a church with an electrical circuit inside to light the interior of the model (Theme: Europe and Christinianity) and a 3D model of a helicopter made from a plastic bottle and straws (Theme: Moving and Growing).


23rd October 2015

Photography of the Children Learning

One of our fathers came into the school to kindly take photographs and film the children engaged in their learning in school. He was also able to film some children talk on camera about their love for their school and why they think it is so unique. These photographs and film clips will be used to compile the school's relocation fundraising video appeal. Watch this space!


19th October 2015

Shura Council's Lunch-Time Clubs

This week saw the beginning of the first lunch time clubs for this academic year as a pilot project over a 5 week period. These clubs were chosen by the Shura Council members who also decided the time of the club and fee per club per session for children in key stage 2. The Shura Council members also assisted the teachers during the clubs themselves. The clubs chosen are: Magazine Club, Spelling Bee, Book Club, Maths Puzzles and Lego Club. As anticipated, the Book Club and the Lego Club turned out to be the most popular! The next group of Shura Council members will evaluate the success of these clubs and decide whether to continue the pilot project into the next term, and also if additional clubs are needed to meet the interests of key stage 1 children.


21st September 2015

Eid Mufti Day!

The children came to school all wearing smart and brightly coloured clothes, as part of the Mufti Day to celebrate Eid ul Adha. As the school community is working hard to raise funds for the relocation of our beloved school, all children and parents donated £2 for the privelege of wearing Eid clothes. The children took part in various Hajj activities, including learning about the different stages of the Hajj pilgrimage, reciting the Eid Takbeer and making Eid cards for their family members.


17th September 2015

Shura Council Meeting

The Shura Council had its first meeting during the third week of this half-term. The school's Shura Council is an ideal opportunity for each child, in turn every half-term from Blue class (Year 1) to Rainbow class (Year 6), to get more involved in the way the school is run. Taking the responsibility of raising the much needed funds to relocate the school, the Shura Council unanimously decided to run Lunch time clubs from Monday 19th October 2015 to Friday 27th October 2015 (a total of 5 weeks) for this term. The clubs will run at a fee of £1 per session per club from 12.30pm to 1pm daily.




Visitors and Activities 2014-2015


18th June 2015

End of Leaving Assembly and Transition Day

All the children in the school took part in their end of year leaving assemblies, in which they received certificates from their class teachers. They also took part in Ramadan activities before moving to their new class to meet their new teachers, if applicable. Some children were relieved to see they will still have the same teacher the following year, with whom they have made strong relationships with.


17th June 2015

Donation to Sebastian's Action Trust

Fatimah Dhuhaa Sadiq presented a representative from Sebastian's Action Trust with a cheque from the school for the amount of just under £900 as funds collected through the efforts of the Shura Council over the past few weeks. The representative was delighted to receive such a huge amount saying that they had not received such a large amount from a school before. This goes to show the efforts of the school family in supporting our local communities.


17th June 2015

Graduation Assembly and Presentation for the Mustafa Ali Sadiq Scholarship

A final end of school assembly and Graduation presentation was organised for the children in our Year 6 class, in which parents were invited to see their children recive their Graduation certifictae and all the Learning Journeys that have been compiled for them over the years. Teachers and children alike reflected upon their experiences and times together, with many tears rollling from the audience and the school family.

Fatimah Dhuhaa Sadiq spoke to the audience about the fond memories of her beloved brother Mustafa Ali Sadiq Scholarship and its aim to sponsor the education of a child from a family that supports the school's ethos. The funds raised from the Lunch sale earlier that day have been donated for this worthy cause.


15th June 2015

Year 6 Taster English Skills Session for Year 7

The Head of the English Department of a local Grammar school visited the Year 6 children to give them a taster session on English Skills. The workshop was very successful for the children who will be making transition into secondary education to see what is expected of them in their new schools. The children worked at a fast pace and engaged in the activities that the teacher had planned for them in an enthusiatic manner; there wasn't a single student who was off task. The children followed her instructions clearly and were eager to to be involved in the interactive task set for them.

"They seem well-prepared for the academic rigours of life in year 7". (Head of English Department, local Grammar school).


10th June 2015

Halfords Gear UP! Bike Workshop

Children from Year 6 took part in a session for the Gear UP! bike workshop at our school in the afternoon. The workshop was organised to teach children in their final year of primary school basic bike maintenance. Run in the school, the workshop was the perfect way for children to learn all about cycle safety and how to keep their bike in tiptop shape! It also gave children a lot more confidence and independence when out riding.
The Halfords team gave the children certificates and workbooks and the children took part in a competition with some receiving discount vouchers.

10th June 2015

Year 6 Photographs

One of our parents kindly volunteered to take professional photographs of the year 6 with their siblings in the school. This was organised to commemorate the eight years that most of the cyear 6 children have been in our school. We hope that this token will rekindle fond memories of the school in years to come. 


9th June - 11th June 2015

Year 6 Transition Halaqah into Secondary School

Children in Year 6 discussed the various issues and challenges that they may face in their secondary school, including what their hopes and aspirations for the future are. The children understood how to keep themselves safe, reflect upon what examples of  justice and equality they can see around them, what to do if they were concerned and how to ensure they continue learning to meet high expectations that we have set for them in their new schools.


8th June - 11th June 2015

E-Safety Week

The school held an E-safety week in which children in Key Stage 2 (Year 3-6) learnt through assemblies and Halaqah, the importance of staying safe on-line. The children understood how to use technology safely and responsibly at home and in school. In addition, a parents' work shop on E-Safety and Cyber Bullying was also delivered in the mothers' Coffee Morning.


22nd May 2015

Student Council Supports Sebastian's Action Trust

Mashallah the children from the Shura Council have been regularly standing at the front door in the morning collecting change for their chosen charity, The Sebastian Action Trust.  This is a charity that supports children and their families who have life limiting conditions. The Shura Council organised a 'Cake & Snack' sale and sponsored skipping competitions to raise funds for the charity.
Jim Fyffe from Sebastian Action Trust also visited the school and gave t-shirts and collection tins to the children in the Shura Council as a 'Thank You' for their support.


22nd May 2015

Shoe-box for Syria

It is that time of year again where we would like to put a smile on the faces of the children in Syria. So we requested children to send in shoe boxes filled with presents. and gifts for boys and girls of all ages. We had an amazing response and the school lobby was filled with many brightly coloured and shiny shoe box parcels. We hope that these will show the Syrian children that we are thinking about them during their troubled times.


7th May 2015

Visit by River & Rowing Museum

Visitors from the River & Rowing Museum visited Years 1 and 4 to hear about what Eid means to them, what their experiences of it are and what types of gifts they like to recive on Eid. The visitors listened to presentations by the children, heard a nasheed on Eid-un-Saeed and also shared some typical savouries and sweets that famiilies share on Eid. The visitors enjoyed their visit thoroughly!


27th April 2015

"We are making a Volcano!"

Red class worked together to make a volcano model using recycle material. They had lots of messy fun using paper mache to cover the model. The model was left to dry overnight. Children used primary colours to create different shades of brown and green. They enjoyed watching their volcano take shape and look “real”. Children picked fiery hot colours to create the molten lava. Children experimented with chemical reactions using water, washing up liquid, vinegar and baking soda. They had lots of fun anticipating the eruption, not knowing which vital ingredient would cause it. They learnt all ingredients are important to create such a reaction.

23rd April 2015

Year 6 Text Art with Art Beyond Belief

A visitor from the local community group 'Art Beyond Belief' that looks to unite people from different communities using Art, came to our school to visit Year 6 to take part in an activity with the children. The children were given iPADS and were asked to make text art by using key words and phrases which relate to Black history and their experiences in Slough. The visitor was impressed with the key words that the children came up with. The children really enjoyed this activity and were amazed to see how text can be manipulated and formed to depict art!

20th March 2015

Salat ul Kusoof during Solar Eclipse

Our children in key stage 2 prayed salat ul  Kusoof on Friday morning in jamaah, following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wa salam:
“So when you see the eclipse, make du’ā to Allāh and say takbīr, perform ṣalāh and give ṣadaqah...”  (Al-Bukhārī).
Although the children were unable to witness the eclipse, this rare event was observed in other parts of the country as the moon passed right in front of the Sun, blotting out up to 90% of its disc.

18th March 2015

A Fire Engine Visits!

Yellow Class and Red class enjoyed a visit from the fire service, who brought their fire engine with them. The children learnt about the different equipment used to help put a fire out and what to do in case of an emergency. The children also had an opportunity to sit inside the fire engine!

3rd March 2015

Cooking with John Lewis!

Yellow Class enjoyed a visit from the team at John Lewis. They worked with the children to make raspberry and banana muffins. The children measured the ingredients using weighing scales and looked at the texture once different ingredients were added. Children discussed the idea of healthy eating and the importance of good hygiene, especially when handling food. The John Lewis team were impressed with the welcome they received from Yellow class and promised to come back again to work with the other classes. We can't wait!

18th December 2014

Annual Presentation: The Jewels of Islam

This year’s annual presentation was a wonderful reflection of the love our children have for Islam, together with it taking place in local venues, it was a memorable evening for staff, friends, family and of course the children.The audience saw and listened to delightful presentations by the children aged between three years old and eleven years old, and were amazed by their knowledge and confidence in the early history of Islam. The children were role models for all of us in the modern age, masha Allah.
We would like to say Jazak Allah khair to all those who took part in bringing the various elements together so harmoniously on the night. Jazak Allah khairun to the mums who prepared and sold the delicious food. They worked so hard in leading up to the day as well as staying right to the end to help pack up everything. Also, a big Jazak Allah khair to the artistic mums who put together the beautiful props and backdrop for the stage. I’m sure all would agree the stage was looking amazing due to the dedication of talented mums. We’d also like to say a big Jazak Allah khair to brother Mohsin who helped with the technical side of the day from the filming to dealing with lighting and sound.

4th December 2014

Visit by ‘Fire Safety’ Officers

Children in Years 5 and 6 participated in a fire safety session with a representative from the Fire Services on Thursday 4th December 2014. The children learnt about the different kinds of hazardous materials and appliances, and thought about ways on how to keep our homes safe. They also learnt importance of knowing and following the fire safety procedures in the home and in school.

19th November 2014

‘Magazine Writing Club’

Masha Allah, one of our mothers, sister Aliza (a qualified English teacher), started a magazine and creative writing morning club, to run fortnightly every Wednesday, for children in year 4 and above. Through the magazine, the children will be able to share their talents, hobbies, and ideas about positive contributions they can make as Muslims within society. Further to this, sister Aliza will also help the students to enhance their creative writing skills through fun and innovative mini grammar games, strengthening their skills in grammar.  The charge for each session is £5 with the proceeds going to the school building fund Alhamdulillah. May Allah SWT bless sister Aliza for her generosity, ameen.

17th November 2014

Visit from Road Safety Officers

Both schools held a very successful Road Safety week with a range of activities for the entire school to take part in. A  representative from the local authorities came into school to talk to the children too about Road Safety. This session was carried out with Key Stage 1 first and then Key Stage 2. Both these sessions provided the children with key knowledge of how to be more conscious of potential hazards and the importance of being safe in the home and out in the streets. The Junior Road Safety Ambassadors also presented a whole school assembly highlighting the importance of being safe on the streets.

2nd October 2014

‘Bake Sale, Mufti day and Ice Cream Van’

A ‘cake & bake’ sale was organised by our mums and held on our end of term Mufti Day in which children brought in £1 for the opportunity to dress up for the auspicious celebration of Eid ul Adha, and another £3 in for the bake sale.  It was a lovely idea and there was an Eid atmosphere all around the school MashAllah. We raised about £100 from the Mufti Day money to donate to the charity ‘Save the Children’. We also raised just over £700 due to the generosity of talented mums who brought in yummy cooked savoury and sweet food. Our class 6 girls responsibly set up their own bric-a-brac sale which raised just over £60 Mash Allah. We are happy that they were able to use their independent learning skills for this activity.
As an Eid gift Yusuf Jumah’s (Year2) very kind family arranged for an ice cream van to come to school to give all the children an ice cream as an Eid gift! Jazakallah khairun as all the children really enjoyed this.

26th September 2014

‘Asma ul Husna’ Sponsorship Competition

The children were given a challenge to learn as many Asma ul Husna as they could and collect sponsorship money to raise much needed funds for the Slough school. They were tested over a week of how many names of the beautiful names of Allah ta’ala they had memorised, and were able to raise about £1000 of much needed funds for the school. May this plant a seed in the children’s hearts to gain a closeness to Allah ta’ala through learning His Beautiful Names.

17th September 2014

‘Bright Smiles, Bright Future’

Colgate initiated a campaign to educate children about good oral health. Children from key stage 1 in our school were given an oral health education kit which contained a toothbrush, toothpaste and information leaflet. Children learnt about about the importance of keeping their teeth healthy by brushing them twice a day and by avoiding eating sugary food.




London and Slough:

  • Spring Term: Tuesday 2nd January 2018 to Wednesday 28th March 2018
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 12th February 2018 to Friday 16th February 2018
  • Parents' Open Day: Thursday 29th March 2018

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