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Slough School Educational Visits


Educational Visits 2016-2017


2nd February 2017

Looking at Ancient Egyptian and Persian Artefacts!

On Thursday 2nd February 2017 year 3 and 4 had an exciting opportunity to visit the British Museum. As part of their learning for Egypt and Persia the children were able to see many artefacts related to this theme. The children visited the Iran and Egypt galleries and also completed activity sheets studying different artefacts. They also had a chance to discuss the similarities and differences between the ancient Egyptian and Persian empires! How fascinating!


27th January 2017

Painting in the Art Studio

This half term as part of the theme of Ancient China, children in year 6 to visited the ‘the Art studio’ on Friday 27th January 2017.  This trip allowed the children to produce their own pieces of art inspired by their learning of Chinese paintings, with the guidance from a professional artist, using professional art tools. Afterwards, the children had lunch at a Chinese restaurant to explore Chinese cuisine and culture.


24th January 2017

Exploring Tower Bridge, London

This half term, Year 5 children have been learning about Change and Progress in different aspects of their lives. For this theme, they wanted to look at how the design and constaruction of bridges have changed over time. The trip to Tower Bridge in London was an excellent trip to investigate this, as the children were able to eplore the engineering of Tower Bridge by putting together 3D jigsaws of the bridge pier and making it open automatically using computer coding. There was also be an element of its history and how change has resulted in progress for its users over time.


12th December 2016

Muslim History Tours of Central London

On Monday 12th December, to enhance their theme of 'Muslim Life in Britain' and 'Diversity', children in years 5 and 6 embarked on a fascinating history tour of Central London walking from Parliament Square leading to Whitehall, leading the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square and finishing off at the National Portrait Gallery. The children learnt that Central London has many UK's tourist sights providing ample photographic opportunities, however unknown to the masses what lies there is also an untold history, a Muslim presence.

The children were taken to the place where Arabic was taught around Parliament in the 1600s and where a Muslim community was discovered living there too! They learnt that a Muslim medical practice was introduced in UK in the 1700s and they saw how science continued after the loss of Muslim Spain. This tour certainly enhanced their undertstanding of how Muslims have contributed to modern British soceity.


30th September 2016

Learning about 'Farm to Fork' in Tesco

On Friday 30th September, years 1 and 2 walked to our local Tesco so that we could learn about where our foods come from, how to eat a balanced and healthy diet, and we got to investigate foods around the store. We got to see behind the scenes and do some food taste testing, including making our own breakfast cereals.


29th September 2016

Learning about Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre

On Thursday 29th September, years 1 and 2 were made most welcome during their visit to the Jamia Masjid. The imam and volunteers of the Masjid gave us a special insight into the layout and purpose of the Masjid. After a short talk about the structure of prayer times and how the Masjid is used the children were given guided tours of the building. Children, staff and parent helpers all appreciated the hospitality of the imam and Masjidvolunteers.After a busy morning we treated the children to play in the local park.


Learning in Whipsnade Zoo!

This half term, year 3 have been learning about ‘Nutrition for both humans and animals’, as part and parcel of this theme a visit was organized to ‘Whipsnade Zoo’ on Thursday 29th September 2016.
The children explored the zoo and took part in the ‘Teeth and Diets’ session. The Teeth and Diets session brought the children up close with a range of skulls. Children were encouraged to compare and contrast the differences between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores in investigatory group work. Children reported on their conclusions and the tools that they used to come to a conclusive answer on the identity of the skull. Once the children had experienced the forensic way in which to tell animals apart from their teeth, they investigated the nutritional requirements of animals in captivity.


Diversity seen in Odds Farm

This half term Year 6 have been learning about how everything depends on Allah SWT, including nature and animals. To enrich children’s learning,  a trip was organized to Whipsnade Zoo on Thursday 29th September 2016.
The children explored the zoo and saw different stages of lifecycles of various animals, and took part in a specially arranged Habitats and Adaptation session in which survival of various living organisms was discussed and how they adapt to their surroundings. The children were able to appreciate the diverse habitats and lifestyles of all the animals they saw, and how they are instrinsically linked in various food chains!


Red and Yellow Classes Visit Odds Farm

Children in Nursery and Reception classes went on an educational trip to Odds Farm Park on Thursday 29th September 2016. The trip was an opportunity for children to gain hands on activities to enhance their learning. The children on the day were able to Bottle Feed Kid Goats and lambs, meet and feed the animals, and go on a fun tour of the farm on the Tractor and Trailer rides and many more activities. They thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the farm!




Educational Visits 2015-2016


24th June 2016

Learn about Forces in Legoland!

On Friday 24th June, years 4 and 5 visited Legoland to increase their knowledge of simple machines and forces. Legoland delivered two workshops to the children - forces and gears, pulleys & simple machines. In the workshop about gears, pulleys and simple machines, children built their own gears and pulleys using lego. They thoroughly enjoyed this as there was a lot of hands-on learning and they actively saw how gears and pulleys worked.

In the workshop about forces, children had to build their own lego cars. They competed in building the car that would go the fastest. Children had to consider what forces would act upon the car, e.g. friction, air resistance, to build the most suitable one. After that, children were able to enjoy the rides with a greater understanding of forces, gears and pulleys involved.


27th May 2016

School Trip to Legoland, Windsor

Alhamdulillah Legoland was another fun filled day for all the children. We would like to take the opportunity to say Jazakallah khairan to all the volunteers who sacrificed their time to come on the day, some of which had taken time off work to volunteer with classes that did not have their child in them. Mashallah the weather was lovely and all the children had a great day.


24th May 2016

Cleaning Waste Water!

On Tuesday 24th May, years 4 and 5 visited the Slough Sewage Treatment Works to learn about how waste water is cleaned before it is sent back into the river. The day started off with an introductory workshop. The children were introduced to the organisation -Thames Water, and what they do. Children revised over the water cycle and they learned about the different harmful microorganisms that exist in waste water. They also learnt about how gas is produced from waste water and started off carrying out an experiment on this.

Afterwards the children put on their safety sewage uniform - helmet, high-visibility vest and gloves. They were given a tour around the site and saw how the waste water is filtered to make it cleaner. At the end, the children carried out their own experiment in trying to find the best way to filter dirty water using different materials. They learned more about how much water is wasted, the harmful effects of this and how they can help save water in their daily lives.


17th May 2016

Year 1 Visit Oak Care House

As part pof their theme of 'Gifts and Games', children in year 1 viisited the eldery at Oak Care House to treat the residents with home made biscuits, gifts and heart warming nasheeds. This trip was designed to show the young 5 years olds that we should care for the eldery in our communities and that even a beaming smile can bring cheer and happiness to the young and old. The children came away promising to look after their own grandparents and wishing good health to all the eldery they met on this trip.


12th May 2016

Visitng the Palace of Westminster

On Thursday 12th May 2016, year 5 went on a trip to the Palace of Westminster. It started off with a brief tour of the Palace. They saw the feasting hall, which is 1000 years old. They also got to see debates in the House of Commons and House of Lords. They learned many things about the history of the palace and what goes on in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Afterwards, they had an interactive workshop where they learned about the different levels of governments and ways they can get their voice heard if they disagreed with anything the government was doing. It was a great opportunity for the children to witness where key decisions are made for the country and understand how democracy works in Britain. The children enjoyed the trip very much and were excited about visiting the Houses of Parliament. A couple of the first questions they asked the tour guide was whether David Cameron or Sadiq Khan were there, showing some political awareness. Within a few weeks after the local elections and the children having learned about elections and democracy in school, this trip was very relevant. Overall, the trip was very educational and beneficial for the children.


27th April 2016

Studying our Local Environment

Children from year 4 went to the local Slough High Street as part of their learning in Knowledge and Understanding of the World. The trip to the High Street gave students the opportunity to observe human features of our local environment. They concluded that there was a correlation between structure of a building and the function it serves in the area.
Students brought personal cameras to take photographs of buildings that were particularly of interest to them and those they found to be particularly dilapidated. They then had to think about the reasons why these buildings were in such states and conditions. It was quite apparent how this enhanced their self confidence and enjoyment!


21st April 2016

Year 2’s trip to The Living Rainforest (Newbury)

On Thursday 21st April 2016 year 2 visited The Living Rainforest in Newbury, as part of their study of plants linking to the theme of the 'Garden of Jannah'. The children were given a guided tour of the tropical glasshouse first to see the types of living plants, organsims and animals that live inside a rainfirest. They then took part in organsied activities to enhance their learning of the 'Edible Forest'.  The children were shown a wide variety of foods which originate in the
world’s rainforests, learning about where and how these foods are grown and how it reaches their tables. The children appreciated Allah's blessings through the the variety of food we eat Alhamdulillah.


23rd March 2016

Mufti Day and Cake & Bake

Children came into school wearing colourful clothes and brought in £1 for the school's fundraising efforts. Children were also treated to delicious food items being sold by our mothers. We raised about £100 mashaAllah.


19th March 2016

Visiting the Islamic Inventions Fair

Children from the school visited their elder brothers and sisters in Islam in the library to see the Islamic Inventions Fair exhibition on Friday 18th March. They were amazed and inspired by the colourful displays of 3D models, posters and activities that had been set out for the public. The children were very excited, especially the year 2 children as they cannot wait to take part in this independent learning activity next year!


12th February 2016

The Variety Show!

Year 6 students visited the Natural History Museum on 12th February 2016. Taking part in The Variety Show workshop designed for KS2, they encountered the museum's largest, smallest and possibly most beautiful specimens, and learnt about species adaptations and how and why scientists classify life.


12th February 2016

Yellow Class’s trip to Lookout Discovery Centre

Yellow class went to the Lookout Discovery Centre on Friday 12th February 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in various activities. The visit was related to our various themes as well as children’s interests, i.e. static electricity, water flow and body and nourishment. Children learnt about static electricity and enjoyed the various activities related to the theme in the light and dark section.


10th February 2016

Year 5 Visit Tower Bridge

To support year 5's learning on bridges as part of their Art, Craft, Design & Technology study in the theme of Change and Progress, the children visited the most famous bridge in the world to explore the history and engineering of this iconic structure and its environment through fascinating, hands-on workshops. The children came away understanding the mechanism entailed to work a modern bridge across the river Thames, the importance of the different areas of the bridge and also the history of the people of London who used the bridge.


9th February 2016

The Legend of Appollo at the Science Museum

Year 2 visited the Science Museum to enhance their theme of Shining Stars by learning about Space. Based on the Apollo lunar landings of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, the children watched a film showing exceptional 3D computer animation which will fly you to the moon! The children were able to experience the sights and sounds of an Apollo expedition. Insha Allah this will not be the closest that the children get to space.


27th January 2016

Discovering The World of Ibn al-Haytham

Year 3 children visited the Royal Soceity in London to attend the UK's closing event for the International Year of Light with ‘1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham’. Through the hands-on science workshops, the children took a wondrous journey to the past following the extraordinary life ofIbn al-Haytham to better understand theories of optics. The children were able to create their own camera obscura and take back to their class, make their own 3D glasses, interact with an optical illusions demonstration and play the Ibn al-Haytham digital game using Kinect motion technology. This was definitely not a trip to be missed.

 27th January 2016

Journey to Ancient Egypt

The children in Year 4 visited the Ancient Egypt galleries in the British Musem to learn more about the ancient Egyptian way of life. The children learnt about how the Book of the Dead helped the ancient Egyptians journey to the afterlife, what the mummification process involved and they also had a go at decoding ancient Egyptian tomb paintings. The colourful hieroglyfics, images and artefacts made the children's learning more engaging!


27th January 2016

Ancient China Galleries

Year 6 children visited the China Galleries at the British Museum to support their learning of their Ancient China theme. It was an enjoyable experience looking at artefacts from Ancient up to Modern China. The children further viewed the Chinese Jade and Ceramics galleries, and were amazed by the intricate and traditional works on display.They looked at examples of Chinese silk and read information about the travels of merchants along the Silk Route.


3rd December 2015

Trip to the Lookout Discovery Centre (Bracknell)

On Thursday 3rd December 2015, Years 1 and 2 visited the Lookout Discovery centre in Bracknell. They were given a small introduction followed by various science activities. They explored all the different areas; Gravity and force, electricity, human body, water, construction and light and colour. The children also had the chance to climb up the Lookout Tower and see the surrounding woodlands. After lunch the children played in the outside play area amongst the woodlands before coming back to school.

27th November 2015

Discovering Ancient Egypt in the British Museum

As part of the Ancient Egypt theme, Year 4 visited the British Museum in London to learn about the life and culture of the Ancient Egyptians. The Museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian objects outside Egypt. The children learnt about the Rosetta Stone, saw a 5,000 year old sand-dried mummy and were fascinated by colourful wall paintings from Nebamun’s tomb and sculptures of Ramesses II. This learning helped them visualise the setting that Prophet Musa (as) grew up in.


12th October 2015

Diversity and Difference in Kew Gardens

On 12th October 2015, Year 6 students visited the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. The children had an opportunity to look at plants that are found in rainforests. The tour guide explained the many uses of rainforests plants; the children were amazed to look at the variety of species and the adaptations of plants that allow them to be suitable to their environment. They came away getting a better understanding of the large variety of diverse and different species in the plant kingdom.


9th October 2015

Bekonscot Model Village Trip

Yellow Class went to Bekonscot Model  Village on 9th October 2015. The objective of the visit was to look at various types of homes from another era in relation to our ‘Home and Togetherness’ theme. Children learnt about various sizes and shapes of homes. In addition they looked at different materials used to make them. Children made comparisons with their homes and discussed features different to their own home, for example furniture.


8th October 2015

Helping the Elderly

Children in Year 3 visited Oak House care home as part of the 'Good and Bad' theme. Children designed cards with warm messages to bring a smile to the residents of the care home. Also, they baked lots of different cakes and biscuits for the residents, which certainly put a smile on their faces. This trip really helped the children to understand that there are people in the community who need our assistance and how important it is to take care of the elderly in the community.


1st October 2015

Year 4 Trip to the Science Museum, London

Children were enthralled during the 'It Takes Guts' show as they followed the journey of food into the mouth, through the acid bath in the stomach, along metre after metre of pulsating guts, and then out the other end! This was all learned by watching video footage of people's inside; it was truly a gross, squirm-inducing show all about the amazing human digestive system. The children came away from the show thoroughly enlightened!!


1st October 2015

Year 5 Trip to the local St. Paul's Church

As part of the theme of 'Europe and Christianity', children from year 5 walked to the local church to hear an informative talk given by the Vicar Mike Cotterell, before being given a tour around the church. The children engaged in various activities learning about the main symbols and rituals of Christianity, including looking at a painting of the 'Last Supper' (De Vinci, 1490). In addition, the children briefly learned about the history of Christianity in Europe, and in Britain in particular, and also the names of some of the main dominions in the Christian faith.




Educational Visits 2014-2015


3rd June 2015

FS2 Yellow Class Visit a Local Italian Shop

Children from Yellow class walked down to their local Italian shop to learn about Italian food. They has a nice time looking at the different types of Italian bread and snacks on sale, and were able to draw pictures and write a few sentences of what they saw. They came away understanding that bread can come in many different shapes and sizes!


18th May 2015

Year 1 Visit the River & Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames

As part of the theme on 'Our World is an Amanah (a Trust)', the children from Year 3 visited the River & Rowing Museum to hear about the use of windmills on windfarms as a form of sustainable energy that does not harm the local environment. They learnt how windmills work by making their own in pairs and testing them with fans!


11th May 2015

Years 1 and 4 Visit the River & Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames

The children from Years 1 and 4 visited the River & Rowing Museum to learn about the different types of forces that operate on boats whcilst stationary and whilst moving through the River Thames. The different types and sizes of boats on exhibit enhanced the Year 1children's learning on their theme of 'Trains, Boats and Airplanes' and the Year 4 children's theme of 'Forces'. All the children came from the visit appreciating the differences between canals and rivers, and knowing the importance of river transport for communities around the River Thames.


26th April 2015

Year 4 Visit the Jewish Museum

As part of the Ancient Egypt theme, children from Year 4 went to visit the Jewish Museum in London to learn more about Judaism and Jewish life. They learnt why the Torah is central to Jewish life, how it is looked after and celebrated by jews around the world. The children also heard about some stories in the Torah and the enduring craft of the Sofer (scribe). They investigated the Torah as a sacred object as well as a handcrafted artefact, looking at Torah scrolls from around the world. The children saw the magnificent 17th Century Synagogue Ark in the gallery reveal its secret history. In the activity-packed sessions, children investigated the handling artefacts that are used to make a Torah, Yads (pointers) and Eitz Chayim (Torah rollers). Then they had a go at identifying what materials these artefacts are made from and be a scribe using a quill and ink to write letters of the Hebrew alphabet!
It was an eye-opening day for the children!

15th April 2015

Year 6 Learn about Black History

Children from year 6 visited the local Slough Library to find out about the experiences and heritage of members of the black communities who live in Slough in a local community project called ‘Borrow-a-Person - part of Slough's Black History Celebration’. This celebration was organised by the charity ‘Art Beyond Belief’ that looks to open discussion between different faith organisations, youth projects and other community groups.
This project supported the learning the children have just completed in their theme of ‘Britain - Empire to Democracy (British India) and it also links to their current theme of ‘Justice and Equality’. The children heard many different experiences and points of view from the citizens of Slough and learnt how their family histories and migration stories have shaped the town in which we live in.

14th April 2015

Year 5 Visit the Houses of Parliament

Children from Year 5 visited the Houses of Parliament to enhance their learning of the political system in the United Kingdom. Through the educational tour, the children were able to explore the Palace of Westminster, learn about the history of Parliament and the see the art and architecture of the buildings which have come to be so recognised around the world. This trip also allowed the children to see:
The House of Commons and House of Lords chambers
Westminster Hall, the last remaining part of the original Palace
Central Lobby, at the very heart of the Parliamentary Estate

26th March 2015

Year 6 Visit Khalsa Primary School

Our Year 6 visited our local sikh Khalsa primary school (KPS) to learn more about the Sikh religion and about Sikh life. Our children were greeted by some of the school's year 6 children acting as hosts for the morning, these children were the school's 'Junior Leaders' and one of their roles is to be hosts for any external visitors to their school. The Junior leaders welcomed our children into their main hall to be introduced to other KPS Y6 pupils and to do a short ice breaker activity. Each ISF child was given a partner Y6 pupil from KPS. After the activity, our ISF children entered the Gurdwara to hear a Presentation on Sikhism. Later on, the KPS Y6 pupils took our ISF Y6 children outside for some brief playground games which incorporated team work. Our children enjoyed their day visiting the KPS and made good relationships with their peers in KPS!

26th March 2015

Year 2 Trip to Kew Gardens

During the Spring term, Year 2 visited Kew Gardens as part of their learning on plants and flowers. They discovered many different plants and realised how versatile plants are and how important they are for the human race. They discovered the rubber tree and were amazed to discover rubber comes from plants! Children also sketched some of these fascinating plants by observing all the delicate patterns, colours and designs.

19th March 2015

Year 2 Trip to Langley Park

As part of the theme 'Garden of Jannah', children in Year 2 visited Langley Park to explore the flora and wildlife in the natural habitat. During this visit, they discovered lots of different mini beasts and discovered some amazing trees all different shapes and sizes. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

4th February 2015

Year 1 Trip to Sea Life Aquarium

Children in Blue class embarked on an exciting journey to the sea life Aquarium in London to enhance their learning of their theme ‘Under the Sea’. The children discovered a range of weird and wonderful sea creatures and explored the different types of habitats found in the underwater world. They used this information to produce their independent learning work.

9th January 2015

Red Class Trip to Ufton Court Farm

The children had lots of fun at Ufton Court farm. They played musical trees where those children wearing bibs were trees and the rest of the children had to find a tree to hide under when the music stopped. The children learnt about various animals that live in the woods and got to touch stuffed models.  They took their teddy bears on the trip with them. However, at some point during the day their teddies had gone missing! The children were very happy when they rescued their teddies from the woods. They also got to smell, touch and observe various plants in the herb garden. Finally, the children loved seeing the animals in the Ufton Court farm. Among some of the animals they saw were chickens and goats. This was an amazing day for all!

14th October 2014

‘Whole School Trip - Farm to Fork Tesco Initiative’

Tesco has launched the ‘Farm to Fork’ initiative to encourage children to learn about where their food comes from so they can have a positive approach towards the food choices they make. Children in our school were very excited to go to the Slough Tesco Extra on different dates to learn more about the tools they need to live a healthy life and make better decisions about what they put on their plates when they grow up. For example, the children learnt about different types of fish such as prawn and tuna and they also looked at various vegetables and fruits. They were taken into the bakery and shown the machinery used for slicing loaves of bread.The children took part in interactive sessions and activities to explore where their food comes from. This was a very informative activity for all.

8th October 2014

‘Year 3 - Gain Arts Award (Level 1)’

In June 2014, class 3 participated in a 'Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead Museum Learning Project'. This project was supported by investment from 'Artsmark' which aimed to enhance museum learning and engagement in schools through innovative and creative activities. Our children worked with Windsor Museum to curate an exhibition of their own wonderful clay models which they made in response to objects in the Museum's collection. They also came up with a name for their exhibition, deciding upon 'Museum of Clay'. On Wednesday 8th October 2014, class 3 was invited again to the River & Rowing Museum to receive their Arts Award certificates (Level 1) and their own portfolios of the work they had carried out earlier in June. The class was also given five minutes to present their museum learning to all the other school children and teachers who participated in this project. MashaAllah, well done, class 3!

29th September 2014

‘Year 2 Trip to the Science Museum’

Year 2 had the privilege of visiting the science Museum as part of their 'Who am I' theme and explored various different galleries. The children particularly enjoyed visiting Pattern pod. This provided children with a hands-on opportunity to create various patterns using different forms and materials.

18th September 2014

‘Year 2 Trip to Regents Park Mosque’

During autumn term, Year 2 visited Regents Park mosque as part of their 'My Ummah' theme. The children  acquired first hand experience of the importance and role of the mosque in the Muslim community. The Mosque had organised various activities for the children to partake in. They especially enjoyed answering questions from the 'knowledge tree'.




London and Slough:

  • Autumn Term: Monday 11th September 2017 to Thursday 14th December 2017
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 23rd October 2017 to Friday 27th October 2017
  • Parents' Open Day: Friday 15th December 2017

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