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London School Educational Visits


Educational 2015-2016


22nd July 2016

Trip to Legoland

All the children in the school had an end of year trip to Lego land in July 2016, the children enjoyed seeing all the different characters and objects made of Lego, and had lots of fun going on all the rides. It was a lovely day out for the teachers and the children.


27th March 2016

Trip to the London Aquarium

Children from Red class went to visit the London Aquarium as part of the theme ‘Under the Sea’. Children had been learning about the different fishes and creatures which are found under the sea. They were also learning about how fish are able to survive under water and how they cannot survive on dry land unlike us humans. On our Visit to the London Aquarium the children were able to see a variety of different fishes, turtles and they particularly enjoyed watching the sharks and the polar bears on the screen at the end of the visit.

25th January 2016

Year 6 Volvo car showroom trip!

Year 6 had an amazing opportunity to visit the local Volvo car showroom.
It had been a very fun and interesting day out. Both the boys and the girls had so much fun as they had the chance to sit into many different Volvo cars and explore the different features and facilities each cars had. Year 6 also entertained and kept the staff at Volvo busy by bombarding them with so many questions about cars and which is faster. It was very interesting to see how much year 6 knew about cars, which I have to agree, even I do not know! It was really nice to know what type of cars they fancied and wish to purchase one day. Let’s just say, these year 6 have a very expensive choice and mummies and daddies should start saving for their first car already!


10th December 2015

Year 5's Muslim History Walk

Our trip was a Muslim History Walk of Central London with Brother Abdul Malik Tailor from Muslim History Tours which took place on Thursday 10th December 2015. The tour began from Parliament Square and ended in the National Portrait Gallery. Year 5 really enjoyed the trip and learnt a lot about some hidden Muslim History.



Educational Visits 2014-2015


8th June 2015

Early Years Picnic with St Mary's School

FS1 children from Shakhsiyah School shared a picnic with children from St. Marys School on Monday 8th June. The children are enjoying each other's company and the schools are happy to be building a close relationship.

22nd May 2015

Early Years and KS1 Visit to Woburn Safari Park

The children took part in a safari bus tour and a walk in the safari park amongst some of the friendlier animals, and ate a picnic lunch in a beautiful green park.

21st May 2015

KS2 Visit to Stubber Adventure Centre

The children took part in various adventure activities throughout the day including abseiling, rock climbing, bell boating, sailing and quad biking.

19th May 2015

Year 1 and Year 4 Visit to the London Transport Museum

Year 1 and year 4 went to the London Transport museum.

14th May 2015

Year 2 and Year 3 Visit to a Recycling Centre

Year 2 and 3 went on a trip to our local recycling centre. There the children took part in a workshop about the 3 Rs (Recycle, Reuse and reduce).

13th May 2015

Inter-School Sports Day

Children from the primary classes took part in an Interschool Sports Day at the Mile End Stadium. Shakhsiyah School children from different year groups competed with children from different Islamic Schools.

5th May 2015

Year 3 to Year 6 Visit to a Local Care Home

A group of children from year 3 to year 6 went to visit a care home that is down the road from our school. The children prepared a beautiful nasheed to sing to the residents of the care home.

28th April 2015

Early Years Play Exchange with St Mary's School

Shakhsiyah Schools and St. Marys school in Haringey are working together to form a positive community cohesion.  On the 21st and 28th April 2015, both schools early years children exchanged play sessions. The children thoroughly enjoyed visiting each others schools and playing alongside it each other.

27th March 2015

Year 6 Trip to Local School

As part of making community links with our local schools, children from Year 6 went to their local St. Mary’s School to take part in a ‘Palm Sunday’ activity. The ‘Palm Sunday’ activity was to re-enact Jesus’ (peace be upon him) return to Jerusalem after spending time in the seclusion of the desert. The palms were a sign of joy and happiness of Jesus’ (peace be upon him) followers. London school children also spent break time with the Year 6 at St. Mary’s. The boys had a chance to play some football and they all enjoyed each other’s company.

The activity was a huge success in building community cohesion and was appreciated by students and staff:

"I am writing to say a very big thank you from the year 6 pupils for inviting them to St Mary's. The pupils felt very welcome at St Mary's and enjoyed the break and playtime activities. I hope we will develop the partnership between our schools and work together to build good links in the future."

Foziya Reddy, Head teacher, Shakhsiyah School

"Thank you for your email. The children were a credit to your school and represented you confidently and proudly. Our Year 6s enjoyed the time spent with your children and were asking when they could all meet up again before yours had left the school premises! I am delighted that we have begun a relationship that I believe we can nourish and enjoy it's growth. I look forward to arranging something for our schools again soon."

Sarah McLaughl, RE Coordinator, St Mary's Priory School


London and Slough:

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