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London School Visitors & Activities




11th July  - 22nd July 2016

Walk to School Week

On 11th  July 2016 to 22 July 2016, children from Shakhsiyah School London have been involved in the Haringey Borough Council Walk to School Week which has enabled the children to understand the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. Both parents and children have been walking to school by parking their cars outside the red five minute walk zone. The really dedicated children came by bus and stopped  outside the ten minute walk zone.

The Bus number 11 display helped children remember the importance of using our legs to take us everywhere and help reduce pollution!


20th January 2016

TFL Presentation

Recently year 6 had the opportunity to view presentation delivered by a member of the Transport for London.
It was very interesting and eye opening as to how important it is to be considerate and aware of our and others health and safety, while we travel and use the various transport services. It was also very interesting to know how Transport for London operates and how they can help people by the use of an oyster card. As people can be traced by tracking their journey, when and whenever you touch your oyster card!

Most importantly, year 6 were taught how they can stay safe whilst they travel using any of the services. As many people often get injured by being reckless when they travel. Other than that, years 6 were told how they could save potentially £5000-£7000 over five years if they use an oyster card!!! That’s a lot of money! One important message the children took from this presentation is that travelling can be fun and enjoyable, if we choose to do in correct manner. By which we can keep ourselves and others safe. It is an important responsibility upon all of us and it requires one to appreciate oneself and others around us.

We hope you always have a safe journey!


7th October 2015

Dental Day!

Our dental day took place on Wednesday 7th October 2015 with Oral Hygiene Specialist, Kim Powell from NHS Whittington Hospital.
Kim conducted a parents workshop in the morning and then spent the rest of the day with doing workshops with the children from Early Years through to Key Stage 2.
The workshops emphasised on the need for sound oral hygiene practices such as brushing your teeth at least twice a day, visiting the dentist regularly and leaving off treats until after dinner. Alhamdulillaah, a vast majority of our children had healthy teeth and only a few were identified as needing referrals to the dentist. We look forward to having Kim visit the school again in the near future.


Monday 28th September 2015 - Thursday 8th November 2015

Living Eggs - Chick Hatching Experience

The chick hatching experience was an inspiring , hands-on learning event for the whole school. The children learnt that everything depends on Allah by observing the chicks hatching from their eggs and then growing stronger and changing day by day. The children  also learnt to care for and nurture another living creature.





18th June 2015

End of Leaving Assembly and Transition Day

All the children in the school took part in their end of year leaving assemblies, in which they received certificates from their class teachers. They also took part in Ramadan activities before moving to their new class to meet their new teachers, if applicable. Some children were relieved to see they will still have the same teacher the following year, with whom they have made strong relationships with.


 9th June - 11th June 2015

Year 6 Transition Halaqah into Secondary School

Children in Year 6 discussed the various issues and challenges that they may face in their secondary school, including what their hopes and aspirations for the future are. The children understood how to keep themselves safe, reflect upon what examples of  justice and equality they can see around them, what to do if they were concerned and how to ensure they continue learning to meet high expectations that we have set for them in their new schools.


8th June - 11th June 2015

E-Safety Week

The school held an E-safety week in which children in Key Stage 2 (Year 3-6) learnt through assemblies and Halaqah, the importance of staying safe on-line. The children understood how to use technology safely and responsibly at home and in school. In addition, a parents' work shop on E-Safety and Cyber Bullying was also delivered in the mothers' Coffee Morning.


20th May 2015

Year 5 and 6 Workshop on Poetry and Rhyme with Omar Esa

Brother Omar Esa came to school to do a workshop with the year 5 and 6 children about poetry and rhythms. They were guided to produce their own nasheeds in small groups.

15th May 2015

Old MacDonald Farm

FS 1 and FS 2 children enjoyed a fantastic trip to Old MacDonald Farm. The children not only engaged in hands on learning experience with a wide range of animals, but they also enjoyed plenty of indoor soft play games and outdoor activities. We look forward to visiting the farm again next year inshaaAllaah.

29th April 2015

Year 1 to 6 Wood Green Recycling Centre Assembly

Year 1 to 6 took part in an assembly on recycling. Two members of the Wood Green Recycling centre carried out a very interactive assembly with the children using their recycling props to teach the children about the benefits of recycling and how easy it has become. The children were also shown the different materials that are currently recyclable.

22nd April 2015

Year 2 to 6 Haringey Smarter Travel Assembly

Rachael from Haringey Smarter Travel team led the assembly for primary classes year 2 - 6. She spoke to the children about air pollution and the different causes of it. She also informed them of the different ways in which we can all help reduce air pollution and be more environmentally friendly.

22nd April 2015

Year 5 Celebrate Earth Day

Year 5 children are currently learning about our planet earth and its place in our solar system. This learning has coincided with the  global celebration of 'Earth Day'. This is a day in which people around the world show their appreciation for our planet Earth! As Muslims we should do that anyways Alhamdulillah, however to show a little bit more appreciation, children were given a fun lesson and created pictures of the 'Sun, Earth and Moon' using their knowledge on the sizes of each planet.

1st April 2015

Year 5 Traditional Dress and Food Activity

On the last day of Spring term 2, during our theme of 'Muslim Spain', Year 5 was asked to come to school in their traditional attire and bring in their traditional home cooked food!  This day allowed the children to get to know about the traditional dress and food from other countires, other than their own and they shared many wonderful stories and traditional food brought in from home.

1st April 2015

Year 5 Independent Learning

During the Spring term theme of 'Muslim Spain', Year 5 children were given a project to complete independently. This project brief included the opportunity to create a 3D model of: a Spanish garden during the Medieval era, a Masjid from Spain or an design an Arabesque using different materials.
One of the children recreated this beautiful model of the Alhambra palace garden: using silicone material to imitate real water sprouting from a fountain, real plants for the garden and coloured mosaic stones for the patterns on the floor!Masha Allah!

20th March 2015

Salat ul Kusoof during Solar Eclipse

Our children in key stage 2 prayed salat ul  Kusoof on Friday morning in jamaah, following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wa salam:
“So when you see the eclipse, make du’ā to Allāh and say takbīr, perform ṣalāh and give ṣadaqah...”  (Al-Bukhārī).
Although the children were unable to witness the eclipse, this rare event was observed in other parts of the country as the moon passed right in front of the Sun, blotting out up to 90% of its disc.

2nd March 2015

Visit by HG Education and Robotics Ltd

Children from Key stage 1 and 2 were delighted to receive a visit from HG Education and Robotics Ltd and learn basic engineering skills. They enjoyed imaginative and innovative workshops for a complete day which involved children working in teams of three to build a robotic vehicle from a LEGO Mindstorms kit. The children then were able to it via a program written by themselves. The students learnt about some of the devices and applications where computers are used, and begin to see how essential computer control has become to our lives. The entire day was focused on problem solving and using maths knowledge.

19th December 2014

Annual Presentation: The Jewels of Islam

This year’s annual presentation was a wonderful reflection of the love our children have for Islam, together with it taking place in local venues, it was a memorable evening for staff, friends, family and of course the children.The audience saw and listened to delightful presentations by the children aged between three years old and eleven years old, and were amazed by their knowledge and confidence in the early history of Islam. The children were role models for all of us in the modern age, masha Allah.
We would like to say Jazak Allah khair to all those who took part in bringing the various elements together so harmoniously on the night. Jazak Allah khairun to the mums who prepared and sold the delicious food. They worked so hard in leading up to the day as well as staying right to the end to help pack up everything. Also, a big Jazak Allah khair to the artistic mums who put together the beautiful props and backdrop for the stage. I’m sure all would agree the stage was looking amazing due to the dedication of talented mums. We’d also like to say a big Jazak Allah khair to brother Mohsin who helped with the technical side of the day from the filming to dealing with lighting and sound.

12th December 2014

Deen Riders Assembly

Brother Jamal from the Deen Riders came to visit the school and delivered an assembly to the Primary classes on being good role models to others. The children listened to stories on how the Deen Riders have travelled across the UK helping others through various charitable acts and events. He and his team brought their motor-cycles for the children to have a look. They were amazed to see how big the bikes are! They are true role models to the children in our schools!

1st December 2014

After-School Quran Club

The first after-school Qur’an club began when parents expressed that they would like their children to focus on Hifdh (memorisation) of the Qur’an. The school then asked the London Shakhsiyah Youth who have excelled in Arabic and are hafidh-ul-Quran to take on this project. They are successfully running this club afterschool for an hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and many students from the school.

20th November 2014

Visit from Suntrap Forest Education Centre

A visitor from Suntrap Forest Education Centre came into the London school to give children the chance to experience the forest through exploring it for themselves in a workshop, instead of learning about it through a computer screen. The visitor brought in small forest animals and children had an interesting time learning about adaptation, growth, classification and the natural world. Among the wild and wacky creatures that came into school  were a corn snake,  asalamander and a hissing cockroach!

17th November 2014

Visit from Road Safety Officers

Both schools held a very successful Road Safety week with a range of activities for the entire school to take part in. A  representative from the local authorities came into school to talk to the children too about Road Safety. This session was carried out with Key Stage 1 first and then Key Stage 2. Both these sessions provided the children with key knowledge of how to be more conscious of potential hazards and the importance of being safe in the home and out in the streets. The Junior Road Safety Ambassadors also presented a whole school assembly highlighting the importance of being safe on the streets.

12th November 2014

Visit by ‘Smarter Travel’ for Safer Scooter Training

The ‘Smarter Travel’ team at Haringey Council arranged for a professional instructor to come into the London school for one day to train the Key Stage 1 children on how to safely ride a scooter. The number of children scooting to school has increased in the past year, so it was essential that we teach the children how to scooter correctly and safely. A member of staff was also trained and so we will be looking to introduce a scooting club in the near future.

11th November 2014

After-School Bicycle Proficiency

The London branch received a grant from the Smarter Travel team at Haringey Council. This grant was used to purchase bicycles so that we could begin our very own afterschool cycling club whereby all Key Stage 2 students will be taught in groups of how to adjust their bicycles so that they are comfortable to ride and also how to ride safely on the roads.

3rd November 2014

After-School French Club

The first after-school French Club began in November 2013 and is running again this year by the efforts of an English speaking native French sister whose children attend the school. She is running the club for more than ten students voluntarily for an hour once a week. The children learn the French language in an exciting and fun way through the use of word games, cake decorating and making their own French themed yearly calendars.

22nd October 2014

Boxing Club

A Boxing Club was initiated by a father of the London school who runs his own sports projects under the title ‘Ummah Active’. Brother Mizzir was aware that the school was looking into sports activities for the children and approached the school with the proposal to voluntarily run an afterschool non-contact boxing club for an hour once a week.




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