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Important School Information


11th December 2017

London and Slough Schools Open as Normal


Both London and Slough school will open as normal for staff and children, as the weather forecast in the local areas is showing a combination of sleet and rain, with temperatures between 1-2 degree celcius.


Please note that in the event of adverse weather conditions, it is possible that the school may have to close, sometimes for the day, in which case a decision will be usually taken early in the morning.  However occasionally, if conditions seriously deteriorate during the course of the day, a decision may be taken by the head teacher to close school early in the interests of ensuring that children and staff get home safely. If this is the case then you will receive an email and phone call informing you of the decision for closure. Please also continue checking the website for notifications.
Parents and carers have the responsibility of getting children to and from school safely and need to decide if the journey is safe when severe weather affects transport and/or walking conditions.  Parents and carers should inform schools if their child is absent due to severe conditions making the journey unsafe. We will try our very best to remain open during snowfalls.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

JazakAllah khairun.



10th - 12th October 2017

Slough School Receives Ofsted Full Inspection

The Slough school has recently had a full Ofsted inspection carried out by two HMI inspectors. The Ofsted report is available under the Parents section of the website and on the Ofsted website.
We are extremely pleased and proud to be able to report to you that the effectiveness of the school has been assessed as being Good overall with elements of Outstanding, Alhamdulillah.


22nd November 2016

Slough School Receives Ofsted Material Change Inspection

The Slough School was visited by an Ofsted inspector on Tuesday 22nd November, who carried out a Material Change inspection. Alhamdulillah, although we are awaiting the official report, we can comment that the inspection went very well and the inspector was happy with the suitability of the building for our school. Please note, that this type of Ofsted inspection does not give a school a grading, as it only checks and evaluates the suitability of the new premises and how it meets regulations.


17th October 2016

Slough School Resumes on Monday 17th October 2016

With Allah ta'ala's Rahma, the Slough school resumes for teaching and learning in our new school building, Dawson House, Ladbrooke Road, Slough, SL1 2SR, on Monday 17th October at 8.45am and it will close at 3pm, at the usual times.


30th September 2016

Closure of Tifly, Slough branch on 30th September 2016

With a heavy heart, we have decided to close Tifly Day Care for the foreseeable future. Sadly, we were unable to relocate it to Dawson House, Ladbrooke Road, Slough, SL1 2SR.  We would like to send our duas and well wishes to all families that were a part of our Tifly community. 


30th September 2016

End of Lease at Lion House, Slough branch

This is the end of an era which saw our school expand from 50 children in 2005 to the current capacity for 120 children. Tifly Day Care was also established here in 2007. During the last 11 years, we have seen our children partake in many amazing feats and achievements, and I am sure that Lion House will be missed by the entire school community. Alhamdulillah, we are temporarily relocating to Dawson House for the next 2-3 years inshaAllah.


1st September 2015

Start of New Academic Year 2015-16

We welcome our school families back to school on Tuesday 1st September 2015 insha Allah.


18th June 2015

Closure of School for Summer Holidays

The last day of school for all children will be Thursday 18th June 2015 insha Allah. We hope that this has been a beneficial and rewarding year for the school community. We will see you in the next academic year insha Allah.


11th May 2015

Enforcement of New Registration Policy

It has been noticed that on some occasions parents do not inform the school when their child is absent and as a result the teacher is not able to authorize the absence. School timings are 8.45am to 3pm. Morning registration occurs between 8.45am-9am, any child arriving to school after 9am is marked as late. In the event your child is absent please observe the following procedure:

-Email or call the school by 9.15am to inform us of the reason for your child's absence. Email is preferred as we can then save it for our records. If no one attends to the school phone please leave a message, which will be listened to by 9.15am.
-Send in a note explaining the reason for the absence with a sibling to give to myself at the door.

If we do not receive any notification as to why a child is absent, we will be contacting parents at 9.30am to find out the reason for the absence.

Please note unauhorised absences are an extremely serious matter and any absence not explained can become an issue of Safeguarding and Child Protection. Please note that reasons such as absence due to a previous late night or lack of transport do not constitute valid reasons for lateness or absence.

27th April 2015

Enforcement of New Parking Policy

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who have been mindful to adhering to the new parking policy. Although the fundamental problem is that essentially there are not enough parking spaces, we appreciate your patience in this matter as this is something we cannot do anything about. Since the policy has been put into place, there seems to be an improvement in the parking situation in the mornings. It is hoped this will help in easing the drop-off congestion and ensure that all children arrive to school/Tifly on time and safely insha Allah.


13th April 2015

Launch of New Website

We pleased to announce that the new school website was launched this week Alhamdulillah. Please visit it on www.isf.education and share the link with friends and family. It will be up-dated regularly and any information that you require will be on the ‘Shakhsiyah Schools’ page Insh’allah. We would like to take this opportunity to say Jazakallah khair to all those people who have worked tirelessly to contribute to the website at all its stages; it truly is a reflection of the dedication and commitment of the ISF Team.


13th March 2015

Deadline for School Enrolment and Renewal Packs

The purpose of this pack is to keep our and your records up to date. The pack contains important documents, some of which you must return and some to keep for information. Some of these documents are to be found on the school website. The Registration Form, General Consent Form, Standing Order Mandate, Annual Fee payment Agreement and Uniform List must be returned by the deadline of Friday 13th March 2015.


24th November 2014

London and Slough:  Change in the Morning Routine

To implement new teaching and learning strategies across the school, children now began their learning ten minutes before assembly starts, at 8.50am promptly every day. During these ten minutes, the children go through mental maths, CLIC and VCOP games and activities. These additional learning slots will enhance the children’s learning at the start of the day, and will aid their concentration during assembly too.

24th November 2014

London and Slough:  New Curriculum Information

Masha Allah, new curriculum resources were purchased this term to support and enhance the children’s learning in Reading, Writing and Maths across the school. These new curricula resources are in line with the new National Curriculum September 2014. The children in Primary were also given a username and password to use with a new Abacus World Online programme

30th September 2014

London and Slough: ‘Simultaneous Ofsted Inspections’

Both Shakhsiyah schools were subject to simultaneous No-Notice Ofsted inspections between Tuesday 30th September 2014 and Thursday 2nd October 2014. Our London branch was subject to a Full four-day inspection whilst our Slough branch was subject to a one-day Additional inspection. The senior leadership team of the schools have made a formal complaint to the Department of Eductaion and Ofsted regarding the conduct of the inspectors and the manner in which the inspections were carried out.


London and Slough:

  • Spring Term: Tuesday 2nd January 2018 to Wednesday 28th March 2018
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 12th February 2018 to Friday 16th February 2018
  • Parents' Open Day: Thursday 29th March 2018

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