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About Us


“The purpose of Islamic education is not to cram the pupil’s head with facts but to prepare them for a life of purity and sincerity. This total commitment to character-building based on the ideals of Islamic ethics is the highest goal of Islamic education.” (Syed Naquib Al-Attas, 1979)


Shakhsiyah Schools were founded by a group of Muslim mothers who were home-schooling their children. In partnership with parents, our schools educate children from Early Years through to Primary. We are dedicated to developing the personality (shakhsiyah) of Muslim children, nurturing in them a love of learning for the sake of Allah (SWT) and enabling them to live their lives in accordance with Islamic values. 

Our children are taught in a holistic manner using the unique curriculum developed by the school, which includes emphasis on the Qur’anic Arabic, hifdh of Quran and a daily halaqah based directly on the traditional way in which the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) taught his companions. Our creative curriculum integrates Islam into every part of the learning process while encouraging independent thinking in our children and providing them with the skills necessary to live in this society. Our children learn to listen to others with respect and share their own thoughts and opinions during the halaqah sessions. 

The aim (niyyah) of our schools is to send into the world independent young Muslims who are leaders of their generation and who will, Insha’Allah, be successful in this life and the next. We have extremely dedicated teachers who are committed to working to improve the lives of all our children. Our unique approach to assessment puts each child at the heart of teaching and learning. 

We pray that Allah (SWT) accept our efforts and help us achieve this goal. We hope our children will experience a great deal of enjoyment in their years at Shakhsiyah Schools as they learn about the world we live in and grow as thinkers.




London and Slough:

  • Autumn Term: Monday 11th September 2017 to Thursday 14th December 2017
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 23rd October 2017 to Friday 27th October 2017
  • Parents' Open Day: Friday 15th December 2017

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