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Presentation at CPRT Conference 18th November 2016


Foziya Reddy and Tahreem Sabir, as head teachers of Shakhsiyah Schools, were invited to speak at the Cambridge Primary Review Trust National Conference, which was held  in London on 18 November 2016. The conference aimed to bring together teachers, school leaders, teacher educators, researchers and other professionals to mark the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Cambridge Primary Review, to reflect on primary education’s present condition and future prospects. As the only Muslim school, Foziya Reddy and Tahreem Sabir were among fifty-four individuals from all walks of primary professional life who were invited to share their thinking, practice and research in the discussion groups.

As part of the session on ‘Embedding pupil voice in the learning of children and teachers’, Foziya Reddy and Tahreem Sabir presented ‘Independent enquiry in primary education: Developing children’s research and self directed learning skills’. This presentation illustrated how an enquiry-based thematic curriculum captures the child’s interest and encourages parents to support their child’s personalised learning journey in school and at home through independent research. This exemplified the CPRT priorities of children’s Voice, building a learning Community and child-centred Pedagogy by celebrating children’s independent learning and research throughout the year. This pedagogical approach ensures learning is child-centred as teachers facilitate the child’s voice and agency through a mixture of high-level independent and group learning activities.

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