Welcome to Tifly Daycare


Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,


Tifly Daycare would like to extend a warm welcome to all existing families, visitors, prospective parents and children.


We know that finding the right nursery for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. Tifly, which means “My little Child” in Arabic, was established in 2006.  At Tifly Daycare we understand that every child is a gift and amanah (trust), therefore we make every effort to provide a high quality nursery provision that is culturally relevant to each individual child.


We base our provision around the Principles of the Shakhsiyah Education including the principle of developing shakhsiyah to offer a calm loving and caring environment where each child is sensitively supported by a key worker to develop in all aspects of life. Tifly Daycare is a place for children to feel comfortable, loved and cared for so they naturally bloom into confident young individuals that learn to respect one another and love to learn. The Early Years of a child’s life must be treasured and nurtured with care so that all young children flourish and achieve their potential. 


Tifly Daycare is a highly experienced early years setting which is registered with Ofsted and provides free early years education for 15 hours per week for children that are rising 3’s to 5 year olds. Parents have the flexibility to choose full time, part time, morning or afternoon sessions for their child, depending on availability.


Tifly Daycare believes in equal opportunities and aims to prepare all children for their future life in modern Britain and wider global society through cultivating confidence in their Islamic culture as well as knowledge of and respect for other beliefs and cultures.


Contact us today to arrange a visit and discover why our parents are happy to bring their children to us!