About Us


Tifly Daycare is a private early years nursery and childcare provision run by the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation.



  • Tifly Daycare is committed to working in partnership with its parents to nurture the natural disposition (fitrah) of each individual child in order to develop his/her personal character (shakhsiyah) in to a well rounded , confident Muslim who has the sincerity in intention and steadfastness in action.

  • Tifly Daycare employs Muslim teachers who endeavour to form positive relationships with children and their families. They plan for child centred, personalised learning activities and enabling environments that help to foster a love for Allah, our beloved prophet (SAW) and Islam as a complete deen (way of life) through incorporating knowledge of Islam into daily routines and activities.

  • Tifly Daycare aims to equip all children with the essential early skills and knowledge that will make them into keen learners and ease their transition into formal education.

  • Tifly Daycare believes in equal opportunities and aims to prepare all children for their future life in modern Britain and wider global society through cultivating confidence in their Islamic culture as well as knowledge of and respect for other beliefs and cultures.


Please explore our Parents pages for more information.