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Farah Ahmed


Farah Ahmed is currently Director of Education and Research at Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation and Visiting Research Associate at the Institute of Education, University of London. She has a B.A Honours in Philosophy, PGCE in Secondary English, MEd in Educational Research and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge. Her PhD is looking at the use of halaqah (Islamic dialogic circle-time) to develop autonomy in Muslim children. She is also leading a long-term action research project in Shakhsiyah Schools to develop halaqah as pedagogy and as curriculum.


Farah has over twenty years experience teaching in and leading Islamic schools in the UK and has developed courses for teachers on Islamic philosophies of education: pedagogy and practices. She is the author of ‘Principles of Shakhsiyah Education’ and the 2005 Halaqah Curriculum. She is a founding trustee of Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation and mother of three children.

 Ibrahim Lawson

Ibrahim Lawson is the Director of Education at Ebrahim College, London. He has a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of East Anglia and a PGCE in Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge. He also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Action Research from Nottingham Trent University and an M.A. in Theology from Nottingham University. He is currently studying for a PhD in the Philosophy of Islamic Education at the Institute of Education, University of London.


Ibrahim Lawson has extensive experience in leading Islamic schools as head teacher of Nottingham Islamia School and Al Risaala School, London. He has been on the Shura Council of the 'Association of Muslim Schools' for a number of years and has experience as an OFSTED inspector of independent faith schools. He conducted research for the NCSL on 'Leading Islamic Schools in the U.K' in 2005. This research combined his interest in the fields of leadership and 'Action Research' methodology. In 2012 he initiated and provided the vision for the Centre for Research and Evaluation in Muslim Education, organizing a conference to launch the initiative. The Centre was launched later that year at the Institute of Education, University of London.

Foziya Reddy

Foziya Reddy is a founding trustee of Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation and head teacher of Shakhsiyah School London Branch with over twenty years experience in education. She has a BA honours and PGCE in Primary Education. She is currently working towards the NPQH (National Professional Qualification in Headship). Foziya’s passion for Islamic and ‘alternative’ education stems from her deep commitment to the Islamic concept of motherhood. As a committed home-schooler who has home-schooled six of her eight children through secondary she has the vision and expertise to ensure that ‘Shakhsiyah Education’ remains child centred and holistic. Three of her children are hafidh ul Qur’an and she has a sustained focus on developing Qur’an centric teaching.


Tahreem Sabir

Tahreem Sabir is head teacher of Shakhsiyah School, Slough branch having joined the school shortly after it inception as a class teacher. Prior to this, Tahreem founded and was the Principal of the International Islamic Grammar School in Islamabad, Pakistan which she set up to provide holistic education in an Islamic environment for her five children. She has seventeen years experience in education including extensive expertise in training and mentoring teachers. Tahreem has a Masters in Educational Leadership at the Institute of Education, University College of London, in which she investigated ‘school ethos’ in Muslim schools. Tahreem’s area of expertise is creative curriculum and she been leading the development of the ‘Shakhsiyah Creative Curriculum’ for many years. Tahreem’s areas of interest also include exploring children’s literature and carrying out Action Research as a method of both curriculum and teacher development.

Nadia Ameen

Nadia Ameen is a founding trustee of Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation and head of Arabic at Shakhsiyah Schools. She has led the development of the unique Shakhsiyah Arabic Curriculum and trains and leads our team of Arabic teachers. Nadia has a BA in linguistics and over fifteen years of experience in education.

Sajeada Ahmed

Sajeada Ahmed is head of Early Years at Shakhsiyah School, Slough branch. As an original home-schooling mother of five children she helped lay the foundations of the school’s unique ethos and approach particularly in the Early Years. Sajeada has a passion for Early Years as the foundational time for developing a child’s personality and outlook on life. She has fifteen years experience in education and in training and mentoring Early Years teachers. She has a foundation degree in Early Years and is continuing with her studies with a focus on personalised learning for children and character education.




We draw on the advice and guidance of a number of leading educational thinkers and practitioners from a range of theoretical, academic and educational backgrounds. Our advisors periodically teach individual sessions on some of our courses, sharing their expert knowledge and extensive experience.


Akram Khan Cheema (IBERR and AKC Consultancy)
Sheikh Ahmed Babikir (Islamia Schools Trust)
Fatima D’Oyen (Manara Education)
Edris Khamissa (IBERR and EHK Consultancy, South Africa)

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Shakhsiyah Teacher Education Course Shakhsiyah School, London Branch 2015-09-04
Shakhsiyah Teacher Education Course Shakhsiyah School, Slough Branch 2014-08-29