Parents are children’s first educators and tarbiyah (nurturing) starts at home. The early years are the most important stage of child development and research shows that early learning plays a large part in determining a child’s future achievements in aspects of their future life. This is why; we work very closely and form a strong parent partnership with our parents. We recognise that parents hold a wealth of information about their own child and seek to draw on this to support your child’s development. Through parenting workshops, we actively support all parents to participate in their child’s learning journey. We view this as vital in building a child’s iman, psychological wellbeing and positive self-esteem.

We keep communication open through:

  • Daily verbal feedback on their child’s day
  • Half termly parent contribution days (parents contribute to their child’s learning journeys)
  • Parent coffee mornings
  • Fortnightly newsletters
  • Parent Information Sheets outlining what your child is learning at Nursery
  • Termly parent open days
  • Parents suggestion boxes and survey’s


Tifly Day Care is a ‘family friendly’ setting and gives priority on the waiting list to siblings.




Raising a child is very rewarding but also very overwhelming at times, particularly for new parents. We use references from the Qur’aan and Sunnah as well as our experience as Muslim mothers and educators to run workshops for parents covering contemporary issues that are right at the heart of child rearing matters. The workshops aim to empower parents with the knowledge, skills and understanding of parenting techniques and child development.


Parenting workshop titles have included:

  • Tarbiyah begins at home
  • A Child is an Amanah - Safeguarding
  • Sufficient for the Believer are a Few Morsels -Healthy Eating
  • Behaviour Management and Setting Boundaries
  • Phonics and Reading


Look out for information on the next parenting workshops in our fortnightly newsletters.