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Shakhsiyah Continuous Professional Development


The Shakhsiyah Continuous Professional Development provides a comprehensive range of continuous professional development courses suitable for school leaders, teachers and experienced teaching assistants. The short courses are aimed at school leaders and teachers in the Islamic schooling sector who are seeking to integrate Islam into their classroom practice. Our comprehensive range of short courses aim to enhance and develop the skills of each individual staff member.



The short courses are flexible and accessible one-day stand alone or five day short courses leading to the professional qualifications accredited by The College of Teachers. All training is provided by expert course teachers to a high standard. We offer a wide range of one day courses organized into four strands that can be custom designed for your school for all your staff. Each strand consists of several training units which are taught through one day seminars or as a part of a cluster of five day seminars to meet the needs of individual school.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your needs and for free no obligation advice. Alternatively you can choose from the scheduled courses available on our Home page.



Strand 1: Islam: Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy
Strand 2: Halaqah and Shakhsiyah
Strand 3: Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Strand 4: Qur’anic Arabic and Bilingual Education


Strand 1: Islam, Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy


So You Want to Be a Teacher - An Introduction to Teaching and Learning
The Value of Time – Managing a Teacher’s Workload
Children’s Welfare – The Child as an Amanah
Child Protection – An Islamic Perspective
Aims and Objectives of Education in Islam
Developing Shakhsiyah Islamiyah
Tarbiyah T’alim and Tadib
Muhammad (saw) as a teacher
Classroom Management and Classroom Organisation
Generating Positive Islamic behaviour –Early Years and Primary
Generating Positive Islamic behaviour –Secondary
Qualities of a Muslim teacher
Sources of Knowledge in Islam and the importance of Ikhtilaf
Concepts of Childhood in Islam and in Contemporary Discourses


Strand 2: Halaqah and Shakhsiyah


Understanding the Halaqah Curriculum Part 1
Understanding the Halaqah Curriculum Part 2
Halaqah for Early Years and Early Primary Aged 3-7 years
Halaqah for Primary and Early Secondary Aged 7-14 years
Halaqah for Late Secondary Aged 14-18 years
Tarbiyah through Halaqah: Personalised Shakhsiyah Development
Tarbiyah through Halaqah: Critical Pedagogy
T’alim through Halaqah: ‘Aql and Autonomous Thinking
T’alim through Halaqah: Oracy and Dialogic Teaching
Taadib through Halaqah: Spirituality and developing the Nafs
Taadib through Halaqah: Adab and Akhlaq
Muslims in Britain – Citizenship through Halaqah
Teaching History through Halaqah
Halaqah as Staff CPD/Team Building


Strand 3: Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Assessment


The National Curriculum and the Needs of Muslim Children
Shakhsiyah Creative Curriculum for Early Years Aged 3-5 years
Shakhsiyah Creative Islamic Curriculum for Primary Aged 5-11 years
Shakhsiyah Creative Islamic Curriculum for Secondary Aged 11-14 years
Human-Scale Education and Meeting Individual Needs
Realistic Mathematics education in an Islamic context
Jolly Phonics and Early Reading
Developing Confident Readers
Ideology and Children’s Literature
The Big Write – Developing Creativity in Writing
Writing for real: delivering a reality based teaching programme
Science, Geography and Islam – building on Muslim heritage
Planning and Organising a ‘Islamic Inventions Fair’
Teaching History and Culturally Relevant education
Technology and Media – Impact on Islamic Education
Integrating ICT into the Curriculum
Teaching Art and Developing Creativity in the Learner
Assessment for the Learner
Assessing Pupils Progress – A Child-Centred Tracking System
Differentiation in the primary class room
An introduction to SEN with an Islamic Perspective
An introduction to EAL with an Islamic Perspective


Strand 4: Qur’anic Arabic


Qur’anic Arabic for Muslim Children – An introduction
Building a Bilingual Classroom
The ISF Arabic Curriculum Part 1
The ISF Arabic Curriculum Part 2
A Qur’an centric Classroom




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Available Courses

Course Name Location Date
Shakhsiyah Teacher Education Course Shakhsiyah School, London Branch 2015-09-04
Shakhsiyah Teacher Education Course Shakhsiyah School, Slough Branch 2014-08-29