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The principle of the individual learner (Shakhs) at the heart of assessment so that assessment is formative, i.e. for the learners growth towards Allah.


The Islamic concept of education as the flourishing of human fitrah and the human being’s growth towards Allah ta’Ala sharply contrasts with a concept of education as gaining literacy and numeracy skills demonstrated through qualifications. In the latter summative assessment in the form of tests and exams becomes the cornerstone of the education system. Whereas in the former it is questionable whether summative assessment has any purpose, particularly in the education of young children. Traditional modes of Islamic learning were based on teacher assessment and the relationship between the teacher and learner; thus assessment consisted of teacher’s knowledge of students, enabling them to authorize their students to teach what they had learnt via the ijaza system. In Shakhsiyah Education assessment is an ongoing dialogue between the teacher, parent and child as a basis to inform teaching to develop the child’s full potential. Teachers help children to recognize that it is their responsibility to develop and learn and that this is their purpose as a human being. Teachers give children the gift of a strong Islamic attitude to life which will lead to success in the dunya and akhirah.

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