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There are many individuals who have offered their time for our community projects. Here are some who have taken on various roles. We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has ever made any contribution; all efforts are much appreciated. As Muslims building strong communities is part of our way of life and it is even more imperative in communities where we are a minority.


Mohsin Akram
He has two children in the school and has taken responsibility for the filming and photography for several community and school events including fundraising dinners, the Family Fun Days, Islamic Inventions Fairs and annual school presentations. As well as assisting with the set up of all these events he has also been involved in organising the annual football tournaments each year.

Umm Zayd
She is a parent with two children at Shakhsiyah School, Slough. Along with other mums, she is keen to help out with fundraising for our school.  Over the years, she has been involved in the planning and carrying out events which have included: ‘Cake and Bake Sales’, ‘Ladies Quiz Night’, ‘Sisters’ Food and Fun’, and managing the Arts & Craft stall at the annual Shakhsiyah Fun Day in Slough.

Adeel Dar
He has four children in the school aged between five and ten years old. As part of the core team of parents in Slough, he organised a fundraising dinner in May 2014 and was instrumental in managing the annual Family Fun Day in Slough in August 2014.

Meriam Haq
She is has one child aged five years who started at the school very recently, however even before this she became involved with the Shakhsiyah Community as a volunteer and organised the Family Fun Day in 2012. She then took on the role as Community Projects and Fundraising Coordinator for the foundation from February 2013 to August 2014, and during this time she played an important role in coordinating the fundraising events that took place, and organising the Family Fun Day in August 2014. She continues to help out by designing fliers, advertising and helping with the set up of events.

Aamna Khan
Is an amazing sister who does not have any children attending Shakhsiyah School but took responsibility in organising the Family Fun Day’s held in London in 2011 and 2012, as well as helping out at the Family Fun Days in 2013 and 2014. She also organises the volunteers at the annual school presentation.

Mizzir and Razia Ullah
They have two children attending Shakhsiyah School, London branch and help out at many school and community events, and took the lead in organising the wonderful Family Fun Day, London in 2011.

Faisal and Fehmida Azmi
Are parents of five children who have attended the school, and they have been involved with Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation since its commencement in 2002, being one of the initial home-schooling families to get involved. Both Faisal and Fehmida have over the years made valued contributions in community events, together organising the successful Shakhsiyah Fun Day in 2008. They have individually taken responsibility in several other Family Fun Day’s, community and fundraising events for the sake of Allah, as well as organising the tin collections, the list is too long and their hard work is very much appreciated. Faisal is also involved in organising the annual football tournament.

Dahwood and Atia Ahmed
Are parents of three children who have attended the school and continue to play an important role both in school life and at every community event, whether Atia is baking, advertising or fundraising, she is always there to take responsibility and encourage others to take part too. Atia for a time took the responsibility to organise tin collections and raised important funds through this activity, she was also involved in organising the Sisters' Food and Fun event in November 2014. Dahwood always plays an important role in organising the annual football tournament, as well as helping out at all community and school events.

Other Valued Members of the Shakhsiyah Community Team
The list of volunteers is very long but we would like to mention Basharat who organised our first Fundraising Dinner in 2010, Kiran who organised the Family Fun Day, Slough in 2010, Moseen who orgaised the Fun Day, Slough in 2011, Sofiah who organised the ‘Celebrating the Muslimah’ event and the first Ladies Quiz event in 2013, Nabeela and Amelie who organised the ‘Sister’s Food and Fun’ event in November 2014 and all the sisters who make all the events possible through their amazing baking and hard work in setting up including Shabana, Ammarah, Mahmooda, and Mariyam from Slough and Rida, Iman, Sywar and Fatama from London. In addition brothers who play an integral role at all events include Uthman, Iysa, Imran and Mohmed Ismathul from Slough and Abdalla and Ahmed from London. Brothers who have recently become involved are Khoyrol, Erdem and Abdur Rahman from London and Hamad from Slough who all helped at the Family Fun Days in 2014.

May Allah (SWT) reward you all for your hard work and continued support. Ameen

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