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Inventions Fair

Let’s celebrate our diverse and shared science heritage: Everyone is Welcome!



Every year since 2007 we have run annual Islamic Inventions Fairs in both branches of Shakhsiyah school, where children have researched and made models of Islamic Inventions, discoveries and scientific advancements made from our golden heritage. These are then presented as an exhibition at our local libraries open to the whole community. Through sharing Muslim heritage with our local communities we aim to demonstrate the overlap in the development of Islamic and European cultures i.e. our shared heritage. In doing these projects our children learn how Muslims contributed to European learning and advancement cementing their identity as European Muslims. The help and support of school parents and community professionals, including local architects, carpenters and artists all contribute to making the Islamic Inventions Fairs fascinating exhibitions for all to see. 


Over the years we have had many visitors including local primary schools, Islamic schools, local councillors, heads of local cancer charities, head teachers of local schools, the head of the local authority education department, leading Muslim educators, representatives from FSTC (the people behind Muslim Heritage and 1001 Inventions) and Zain Bhika!


Visitors to the exhibitions are amazed by the creativity and confidence shown by the presenting children as a representative from ‘1001 Inventions’ who had come to present the children with certificates said, she was impressed by the children’s “desire to display an extremely high standard of work” and the “level of knowledge of the children and their pride, excitement and delight in presenting their work”. In 2008 we received this letter from Dr Saleem Al-Hassani, Chair of the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilization. Islam Channel has featured the Islamic Inventions Fair exhibition on a number of occasions. In 2012 we won a Science award from Nida Trust for the Islamic Inventions Fair and since 2012 our inventions fairs have been featured on the National Science and Engineering Week website. 



Islamic Inventions Fair Individual Children’s Projects


Children have explored all sorts of achievements, scientists and artists from Muslim heritage including:  Sinan, the architect of the famous Blue Mosque, the exploration and journeys of Ibn Batuta, medical and surgical advancements by Ibn Sina and the astronomical work of Maryam  al Astrolabi and al Biruni.









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