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Ten Year Celebration

Rihla tul Maussassah Shakhsiyah Islamiyah: Celebrating a Decade of Success


In July 2012, the ISF community closed the academic year by celebrating ‘A Decade of Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation’. Shakhsiyah Youth organized, the venue, marketing, programme, fundraising auction and most importantly the presentation of: Rihla tul Maussassah Shakhsiyah Islamiyah - charting the journey of the foundation through the ten years.


Key points highlighted by the Schools’ alumni were:


  • Initial collaboration of various home-schooling groups before 2002, to the formal registration of the two independent schools with a ‘Shakhsiyah ethos’ in 2002 to cater for growing demand within the Muslim community.
  • The humble settings of the initial schools, and the care and love shown by the teachers for individual children.
  • The various challenges that the staff and children faced with relocating into new premises on different occasions, yet despite this, all the children loved their school dearly and wanted the best for it.
  • Memories of the teachers who set high expectations for them, whilst allowing them to grow in confidence as Muslim children. Their wonderful experiences in learning through the pioneering Halaqah curriculum and thematic Holistic curriculum which made learning real and fun.
  • The opening of Tifly Day Care in Slough and later in London.
  • The foundation’s pioneering teacher training for Muslim educators in the British context through workshops all over the country about Shakhsiyah Teacher Education at the Nida Trust, Quest Foundation and IBERR conferences.
  • The commitment of the teachers at Shakhsiyah Schools to developing the unique tarbiyah that is Shakhsiyah Education; by forming a ‘Halaqah Research and Development Team’ in 2011. How this work has led to awards including the Science award at Nida Trust’s annual Muslim School’s awards for our innovative Islamic Inventions Fair.
  • How it felt when the school was targeted by the media and presented in a way completely contradictory to the reality, the young people described how upsetting it was for the school community as a whole. However, this experience made the school community pull together, with more conviction in our vision and ethos.


Shakhsiyah Youth concluded the presentation of the Rihla tul Shakhsiyah Islamiyah by telling the audience about the future plans of Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation, in regards to developing and publishing unique curricula, sharing practice with other schools. She made a declaration and final request on behalf of the alumni of the school, “We are the ‘Shakhsiyah Youth’ and we have pledged to support ISF through organising events, camps and classes for young Muslims insha Allah. We invite you to join the Shakhsiyah Community to help ISF become a centre for our local communities.”


An Inspiring Programme



The audience were treated to an inspiring programme including:


  • The beautiful nasheed: “Adhal Islam anna Deena”  performed by children in th enasheed group named As-Safeer ul-Jannah from Shakhsiyah School, London.
  • The heart-warming nasheed: ‘Allah Helps Me Grow’ (by Dawud Wharnsby) by four year old children from Shakhsiyah School, Slough
  • A special Du’a “Ya Rabbu Ya Rahman”, composed and presented by children from Shakhsiyah Schools.



  • An appreciation of the collaborative support from all member of our community including the efforts in voluntary and financial support in the early days of the foundation by the family of Yusra Hamilton, a founding member of Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation. Yusra’s non-Muslim parents and brother were presented with paintings, as gifts.




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