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Slough School Relocation

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2016-09-30 00:00

The lease on Lion House ended on 30th September 2016. Alhamdulillah we are very grateful that our Slough School found new leasehold premises just in time to allow continuity for the children, parents and Staff. The new premises at Dawson House are considerably larger than Lion House and the children are benefitting from larger classrooms, a school hall for prayer, dining and play, in addition to a playground.


The trustees and school leadership team worked tirelessly to secure a permanent site within the Slough area. Out of several sites for which planning was submitted there were three sites trustees were advised as having planning potential, however these were all purchased by other parties.


The new premises in Slough needed extensive refurbishment and trustees were faced with the difficult choice of expending some of the charity funds to have continuity for the children, parents and Staff, the only other option was closing the Slough school, which would have brought an end a beautiful community project that had grown over fifteen years.


Visit our Facebook page for more details, and to see photos of the last days in Lion House, as well as the new premises before and after refurbishment.


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