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"Shajarah Tayyibah" - Fundraising Charity Dinner 2016

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2016-03-19 18:00 - 23:00
Copthorne Hotel, Cippenham Lane, Slough, SL1 2YE
01753 518000
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Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation presents the second exciting fundraising event.

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"Have you not considered how Allah presents an example, [making] a good word like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed and its branches [high] in the sky? It produces its fruit all the time, by permission of its Lord. And Allah presents examples for the people that perhaps they will be reminded."
(TMQ - Surah Ibrahim: 24-25)

Hosted by Usman Sadiq, Notable speakers, IMAS martial arts performance, ISF Children's Performance, Football free stylist Collin Nell, Charity Auction, Delicious 3 course meal




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  • 2016-03-19 18:00 - 23:00

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