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Our Journey

The Vision

In the years 1988-2002, Muslim mothers were running a network of homeschooling groups in West London, North London and Slough. All of them shared a vision that education for Muslim children in the 20th Century should be based on Islamic educational principles found in the Qur’an and Sunnah. They realised that Islamic principles of education have a lot in common with contemporary ‘alternative’ educational models. This led them to a vision of contemporary holistic Islamic education which eventually led to the development of the acclaimed Principles of Shakhsiyah Education.



Establishing Shakhsiyah Schools and Tifly Day Care

In 2002, these homeschooling initiatives merged and two independent primary schools were registered as Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation, one in Slough and one in Haringey, London. These were not conventional schools, the Slough school was in a house and the London school was in a Mosque. ISF was developing its own pedagogy and curriculum based strongly on Qur’an and Sunnah. There followed a period of organic growth and development. In 2003, the Slough school moved to a larger house. In 2004 Clyde Road Masjid was unable to accommodate our London school anymore, so it was relocated into an old bank building in Walthamstow. In 2005, the Slough school relocated to a disused an office block by the name of Lion House. In 2006, the foundation established Tifly Day Care in Slough. In 2007, the London school was flooded due to a leak in the ceiling; eventually, the entire ceiling collapsed, and a three-month search for new premises began. Alhamdulillah after hardship comes ease and the London school relocated to its current premises St Ann's Road Masjid in Tottenham 2007. A second branch of Tifly Day Care was established in London in 2008.


Achieving the Vision

In 2005 ISF published the Halaqah Curriculum which is now used by a number of other schools in the UK and abroad. This is the foundation on which our innovative approach to education has been built leading to the development of the Shakhsiyah Holistic Curriculum which integrates all learning infusing it with an Islamic ethos. In 2008, the schools held the first Islamic Inventions Fair, a community event that was attended by local schools, other Muslim educators and even the Director of Education at Slough Borough Council. The fair was featured on Islam Channel and won acclaim from FSTC, the organisation behind 1001 Inventions as well as an award from Nida Trust. Teachers TV, a UK government initiative made a documentary about the school and Shakhsiyah Education. In 2008, ISF also established the ‘Islamic Teacher Education Course’, which is now known as the Shakhsiyah Teacher Diploma. In 2010, head teacher Foziya Reddy received an award for ‘Outstanding School Leader’ from the Association of Muslim Schools.  


In 2011, a ‘Halaqah Research and Development Team’ was formed to explore halaqah as an Islamic pedagogy for the 21st century. The team also began a review of the Halaqah Curriculum and began to produce schemes of work. This research has led to the publication of Principles of Shakhsiyah Education and the second edition of the Halaqah Curriculum and related schemes of work are soon due to be published. In 2011, Farah Ahmed, Director of Education was involved in setting up the ‘Centre for Research and Evaluation in Muslim Education’ at the Institute of Education, University of London; she is currently a visiting research associate at the centre.

Shakhsiyah Community and Shakhsiyah Youth were established, and in 2012 alumni from Shakhsiyah Schools organised their first fundraising event, a dinner ‘Celebrating Ten Years of Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation’.



Our Vision for the Future

1. To develop consistently high quality educational provision in our schools and other projects
2. To establish both branches of Shakhsiyah Schools and Tifly Day Care in permanent premises
3. To research and develop our educational principles, pedagogy, curriculum and educational resources
4. To develop our teacher education courses and offer them internationally
5. To continue to develop our community and youth projects
6. To establish partnerships with other like-minded organisations
7. To continue our contribution to our local communities, to society and to international dialogue about education in the 21st Century.


We extend a warm invitation to you to join us in building our communities and future.

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