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Qadwa - Teaching by Example

The principle of leading by example through continuous Islamic teacher education and the constant quest for ‘ilm, ihsan wa taqwa through research and learning.


The roles of murabbi, mu’alim and muaddib all require the teacher to be a role-model, an example through which the children learn as if by osmosis. The presence of a teacher is sufficient to educate, as her mannerisms, taqwa and behaviour will subconsciously influence the learner. In our experience, children naturally adopt the qualities, habits, interests and mannerisms of their teachers. Thus the shakhsiyah of the teacher is fundamentally important to the development of the learners and all of their learning depends on it. This also ensures that the new generations see Islam as a dynamic lived reality, not a set of rituals that some only some ‘holy’ people engage in. Rather as murabbi, the teacher develops each student as they would their own child. As mua’alima she ignites the spark of seeking knowledge in the heart and minds of her student. As muaddiba she develops grace, a sense of justice and hikmah in the students under her charge. The teacher’s niyyah is therefore one of leading by example through lifelong learning and a continuous quest for ‘ilm which leads to ihsan. A Shakhsiyah Schools teacher is therefore a research engaged and learning teacher.

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