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Shakhsiyah Creative Curriculum

The principle of a holistic Islamic creative curriculum with the halaqah curriculum at its core.


In Shakhsiyah Schools Halaqah is seen as the ‘backbone’ of the curriculum, it serves as a framework for bringing Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic values and culture into the entire school day. Personal, Character, Religious and Citizenship Education are all incorporated into Halaqah. History and other religions are also taught through Halaqah. History gives children an understanding of their place and the place of Muslims in the world; they study not only Islamic history but wider world history often in the relationship between the Islamic world and another civilization e.g. China or Spain. Thus Halaqah directly contextualizes Islam in the children’s learning. Building on this is further contextualization through an integrated thematic curriculum. The concept of all knowledge being from Allah ta’Ala, is realized in practice through a holistic approach where all subject areas are linked through one theme. This integrated approach naturally develops learning for life and indeed for the akhirah (hereafter). We believe that children do not think naturally in terms of different subjects but tend to have a more holistic view of the world; they naturally see our purpose of learning as growth, a growth towards Allah ta’Ala.

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