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Supporting Your Child’s Education


What You Can Do At Home


Here are a few tips for ways in which you can help your child make progress at school. As a parent you are the most important resource for your child’s development.


Encourage your children to use the local libraries

We cannot under-estimate the role that our libraries can play in developing a love for learning through reading in our children. There are many reasons to build better links with our libraries including:

  • They help inculcate a love of reading fiction and non-fiction books
  • They provide information and resources that are not available at home
  • They are safe spaces for children in which to sit and read
  • They provide many services including safe use of the internet
  • They offer classes, workshops and programs for children and people of all ages


Slough Library:

Shakhsiyah school is working in partnership with Slough Library to encourage reading and love of books amongst children. For a list of regular and special events and what resources Slough Library has to offer please visit: http://www.slough.gov.uk/libraries/

For children’s homework help:

Need help with your homework? Not sure where to start? Then look no further, click on the link below to get free access to Encyclopaedia Britannica using your Slough Library card number and pin:  http://www.slough.gov.uk/libraries/reference-library-online.aspx

Free online resources for parents:

In addition to books, Slough Library prides itself in offering a range of online resources which are FREE of charge for its members. From 350 online courses to preparation for IELTS exams to accessing e books online to practicing for theory test, there is something for everyone. Please click the link below to find out more:  http://www.slough.gov.uk/libraries/learning.aspx


St Ann's Library:

Shakhsiyah school children regularly their local St Ann's library to take part in many reading activies and workshops. To find out more about what services are offerd at the library, please visit: St Ann's Library What's On


Other Areas Parents Should Support Their Child:



What do children need?


Here are a few things we think children do NOT need:

1. Children absolutely do not need hundreds of toys that light up, play “music” or require batteries.

2. Children do not need the latest tablet or gadget, just because you know someone else (“everyone” else) who has one.

3. Children do not need lots of sweets and treats, the latest film merchandise and the latest ‘craze’.

4. Children do not need many different expensive outfits, all colour-coordinated from charming boutiques.

5. Children do not need to spend hours every day in front of the TV or another screen. They do not need to watch the latest film or play the latest game.

6. Children do not need expensive “enrichment” activities every night of the week.


So, what do we think children need?


  1. 1. Children need physical nourishment. This means different things for different people, of course (especially around the world), but here in the U.K. it might mean lots of yummy fruits and veggies, some chicken curry or pasta; fish and chips every now and then, some chocolate chip cookies for a treat, your favourite meal that your grandma used to make, and dinners inspired by different places around the world. It does not mean Mum needs to make different foods for every child for every meal. Everyone should eat together and eat the same thing.

  1. 2. Children need spiritual nourishment. To recognize Allah in his creation, to hear the beauty of the Qur’an and see the beauty of a Masjid. They need quiet time to sit, think and reflect; to remember Allah and make du’a.

  1. 3. Children need classic, open-ended toys: wooden blocks, Lego, wooden train sets, paper and colored pencils (markers, if you’re feeling brave), stuffed animals and dolls of different races. Do not  buy your daughter a Barbie or ‘Princess’ doll as this will send the wrong messages about what makes a woman worthwhile. The same applies to Action Man and Super Heroes. Children need the encouragement to use their imaginations and play with anything. (Leaves for outside tea-party plates. A cardboard box can be anything. Old egg cartons and wrapping paper tubes seem to be especially prized.) They need a safe place to keep collections (buttons, rocks, leaves, shells, foreign coins, stamps, etc. Some children will try to collect all of the above.)

  1. 4. They need clothes that they’re allowed to get dirty. They need an outfit or two for dressing up on special occasions (this seems to be especially important for some little girls). They need aprons to wear so they can help you in the kitchen. They need your old dresses and old hats and scarves to play dress up.

  1. 5. They need time with their parents and siblings. They need to play outside. They need to go to a zoo. They need to visit a farm (if they’re city kids) or the city (if they’re rural). They should visit a museum or two. They need to see a great body of water. They need to get messy. They need to go swimming. They need to walk quietly on a nature trail. They need cuddling and tickling, joking and gentle teasing. They need to be around many different kinds, types and ages of people. They need grandparents, aunts and uncles or older family friends to spend time with and learn their ‘history’ from.

  1. 6. They need to ask questions. They need you to teach them how to find the answers in a book or by observation, and not just by Googling or “asking Siri.” They need to hear you say, “I don’t know. Let’s find out.” They need you to say, “That’s a great question, I’m glad you asked.” They need you to ask them silly questions like, “If you were an animal, what would you be?” or “If you were a color, which one would you be?” or “If you could spend the night on the moon, what would you do?”

  1. 7. They need to explore. They need to climb too high. They need to swing so hard the Swingset rocks. They need to poke things with sticks and lift up rocks. They need to splash in some water. They need to ride something (a bike, a horse) that intimidates them at first. They need to be out of your sight part of the day. They need to solve their own conflicts. They might need to wrestle or jump on a trampoline. They need to run until they’re out of breath. They need to try a small business like selling lemonade or something they’ve made. They need to spend their own money, sometimes unwisely. They need to give to someone less fortunate. They need to take some object apart (an old radio? a clock?) and try to put it back together.

  1. 8. They need sleep. They need to go to bed in time to be rested for the next morning. They need time with no screens flickering in their faces. They need to build a pillow fort. They might need to pitch a tent outside and sleep under the stars. They need to stay up late for a special occasion and then sleep in the next morning. They need a quiet time, when they can hear their own thoughts. They need the chance to be noisy, with marching and exuberant singing (this should probably happen outside, for Mum’s sanity).

  1. 9. They need books. They need adults to read to them. They need to read to each other. They need gorgeous books to admire and funny books to laugh at. They need rhymes to jingle in their minds. They need familiar characters who are just like family and historical figures who inspire. They need tall tales and small creatures who make a big difference. They need to thrill over heroes and mourn over martyrs lost too soon. They need parents to make sure their reading and media are age appropriate and in line with their Islamic beliefs.


There are only a few things kids really need, and most of them don’t cost too much money. They may cost more of our time, but in the end bring the greatest reward.




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