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Shakhsiyah Schools seek to ensure that parents have access to the right information about School policy at all times.Shakhsiyah School’s see all children as an amanah; thus our foremost priority is the welfare, health and safety of all children in our care.  Parents will need to abide by these policies at all times. Please click on the links below for important policy information summarized for Parents. Further details are also available on request from the School Administrator:


  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Anti-Bullying Policy
  3. Attendance and Punctuality Policy
  4. Behaviour, Discipline and Exclusions Policy
  5. Collecting Children from School and Parking Policy
  6. Complaints Procedure
  7. Data Protection Policy
  8. Health and Safety Policy
  9. Healthy Food Policy
  10. Medicines and First Aid Policy
  11. Slough School Parking Policy
  12. Safeguarding Policy
  13. Online Safety Policy
  14. Equality Policy
  15. School Uniform and Appearance Policy


London and Slough:

  • Summer term: Tuesday 18th April 2017 to Thursday 27th July 2017
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 29th May 2017 to Friday 2rd June 2017
  • Parents' Open Day: Friday 28th July 2017

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