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Parent-School Partnership


Shakhsiyah Schools grew out of a group of home-schooling initiatives that began in the late 1990s. Since then our ethos has involved the principle that responsibility for education – tarbiyah, ta’alim and taadib. As schools we are here to support you to develop the shakhsiyah of your child which involves the holistic development of individual children including their academic learning. The positive relationship and partnership between the schools and the families of children over the years is the basis of our success. This has been achieved by partnerships in building shakhsiyah Islamiyah (personal character), Parents/carers need to be ensuring a strong Islamic and educational atmosphere at home to ensure there is harmony of ethos between the home and the school.


Communication with School

At Shakhsiyah Schools, we are committed to ensuring good communication between parents/carers and the school.  You are invited to communicate with us if you have a question concerning your child using five methods of communication. Each method is designed to ensure maximum diligence in dealing with the range of different issues that may arise.   These methods of communication ensure all issues are dealt with efficiently. Parents are advised that one-to-one meetings are only organised outside of Parents Surgeries and Parents Open Days for urgent matters. This will be at the discretion of the head teacher.

Isf School communication

Parents and Carers in School Life

There are many different ways that parents, grandparents and other family members contribute to the School life:

  • Supporting individual children in the classroom
  • Supervising children during school trips
  • Organising school events such as the annual presentation or a parents workshop
  • Making displays and decorating the school
  • Running a workshop in the school for Technology, Art or any other type of learning
  • Presenting  a session about your career or field of work
  • Presenting to the children about your country, culture or your migration story
  • Starting and Running an after school club
  • Fundraising activities for Shakhsiyah Schools or for other charities

If you have expertise in a specific field, an unusual hobby, or have a different experience that you would like to share, please let us know. Your child’s class teacher will be happy to discuss with you the possibility of your sharing this information and skill with the class or with the whole school. Please have a look below at the different ways you can contribute to the school life.

Thank You to all parents, carers and supporters of Shakhsiyah school for your involvement in school life and raising funds to Shakhsiyah Schools a wonderful experience for our children!



London and Slough:

  • Spring Term: Tuesday 2nd January 2018 to Wednesday 28th March 2018
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 12th February 2018 to Friday 16th February 2018
  • Parents' Open Day: Thursday 29th March 2018

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