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We are very pleased with the work our staff put in to give the children at Shakhsiyah Schools an amazing holistic tarbiyah. The children are a proof of the amazing work being done.


We are now looking forward to continuing the journey and building on our success for years to come inshAllah. May Allah put barakah in our worldly efforts and grant us success in the duniyah and the akhirah, ameen.


Here are a few excerpts from the most recent Slough full inspection report October 2017.


You can download the full reports from the bottom of this page. 


Overall Effectiveness


“Calm, principled and determined leadership has meant that, despite the challenges of moving premises, this school has improved markedly since its previous inspection.”

“All of the Independent school standards are met. Trustees are highly supportive in their work to help the school flourish. The whole community is proud of their school, and rightly so.”


Effectiveness of Leadership and Management


“The school is highly successful in achieving its aim that pupils ‘should be confident in their identity as British Muslims and feel empowered to participate fully in British society and their local communities’.”

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment


“Teachers have high expectations of their pupils and themselves. They know each pupil extremely well and convey a real clarity of understanding about pupils’ particular starting points.”


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare


“Pupils are rightly extremely proud of their school. They are very polite and respectful, but incredibly warm and welcoming to visitors.”


Outcomes for Pupils


“Most able pupils do well because tasks often allow them the scope to extend or hone their skills. The strong and successful focus on language, discussion and debate is effective in challenging their thinking.”


Early Years Provision


“Early in the year, adults quickly establish calm and helpful routines that enable children to feel safe and secure so that they are eager to join in.”
“The attractive and well organised environments provide a wide range of opportunities. Leaders’ and teachers’ high expectations are evident throughout.”



Slough Ofsted Reports


Slough Full Inspection - October 2017


Slough Full Inspection - November 2015


Slough Monitoring Inspection - October 2014


Slough Full Inspection - May 2013



London Ofsted Reports


London Full Inspection - June 2015



Schools Overall Performance Including Academic Performance


The Principles of Shakhsiyah Education drive all aspects of our work, and Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation uses these principles to evaluate overall performance of all its projects including Shakhsiyah Schools and Tifly Day Care. The principle of Shakhsiyah, means that our focus is nurturing each individual child to meet his/her potential and the principle of Taqdeer means that we do not test children against national standards, nor do they sit national tests. Combining these principles our schools focus on rigorous continuous evaluation of each child’s development and progress.

For this reason, the schools are not able to provide SATs data to parents. However, parents who would like more information about achievements and outcomes of children who attend Shakhsiyah Schools, including academic achievement are welcome to contact the school administrator.





London and Slough:

  • Spring Term: Tuesday 2nd January 2018 to Wednesday 28th March 2018
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 12th February 2018 to Friday 16th February 2018
  • Parents' Open Day: Thursday 29th March 2018

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