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We are very pleased with the work our staff put in to give the children at Shakhsiyah Schools an amazing holistic tarbiyah. The children are a proof of the amazing work being done. Here are excerpts from our most recent full inspection reports. You can download the full reports from the bottom of this page. 


Leadership and Management


"The Headteacher conveys a strong commitment to ensure that pupils learn and develop within a nurturing and encouraging environment. The focus on promoting respect for one another within the school and the wider community is a high priority."


"The Headteacher provides strong leadership. She is supported by the Head of Early Years, Trustees and a staff team who share her determination for improvement."


"The trustees have a strong commitment to the school. Regular monitoring visits take place and reports to the trustees are circulated and actions for improvement identified."


"Leaders placed a relentless focus on staff training and developing a creative, broad and balanced curriculum to ensure that British Values and balanced viewpoints are promoted well".


"Leaders have adapted and extended their thematic approach, mapping teaching activities to opportunities for progression across subjects. Therefore, pupils are able to make progress in the required areas of learning: linguistic; mathematical; scientific; technological; human and social; physical; and aesthetic and creative; as they move through the school."


"Parents are fully involved in the life of the school. They attend fun days, parent workshops and sports days. Parents receive reports about their child’s progress. They talked to inspectors about the school’s work to teach children to ‘be British’, but respecting an Islamic culture."

Behaviour and Safety of Pupils


"Pupils enjoy coming to school, which is eveident in their high attendance rates. All parents are in agreement. They say their child is happy and feels safe in school."

"The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils engage well with their learning and demonstrated an eagerness to talk about it with inspectors."


"Teachers have high expectations for pupils’ behaviour, and pupils rise to these. Pupils could explain to inspectors how they are rewarded for good work."

"Provision to maintain pupils’ welfare, health and safety is outstanding. All the independent school standards in this aspect of the school’s work are met."


"There are very rigorous procedures to ensure that pupils are safeguarded."


"Pupils know how to stay safe in school and in the local community. They know who they can go to if they are hurt or have any worries. Pupils are taught how to stay safe online, and the school has held workshops for parents to help them understand the potential dangers the internet poses to their children."

Quality of Teaching

"The teaching of Arabic is good. Pupils make good progress over time to become fluent Arabic speakers and writers."

"The school is working to ensure that children in all classes receive high quality teaching, including in Tifly Day Care.Pupils are generally well prepared for the future and their move to a wide range of secondary schools."

"Teachers are successful in developing an ethos where pupils feel safe to express their views."


"Teachers have high expectations of pupils and some provide challenging activities to stretch the more able in the group."


"Where teaching is stronger, it is characterised by skilled questioning techniques, which draw out a pupils’ response and make pupils think."

Achievement of Pupils

"Pupils are eager to learn. When given the opportunity they willingly contribute to lessons and share their thoughts and ideas. This noticeably increases the rate of their progress."

"Pupils do particularly well in developing their speaking, listening and thinking skills because the curriculum is designed to give pupils daily opportunities to take part in discussions, express their own views and listen to and consider the views of others. This is a strength of the school because these activities are taught effectively and support pupils’ academic and personal development. Pupils are motivated to learn and ‘take part’ with interest in their activities. The few pupils with special educational needs make equally good progress as other pupils."


"All pupils in Years 1 to 6 have made expected, or more than expected, progress over the year. In some groups, the proportion making more than expected progress in reading, writing or mathematics is high. From their different starting points, all groups of pupils have made at least expected progress this academic year."


"Boys achieve as well as girls. Those who are new to English are well supported and make good progress."


"The school information from assessments at the end of the summer term 2015 showed that most pupils reached expected levels of attainment and some were above expected levels."

Early Years Provision


"Leadership of the Early Years provision is good. The early years leader has ensured that all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage are met."


"As at the time of the last inspection, the quality of teaching is strongest in the Reception class. The proportion of children reaching a good level of development is above average and children are well prepared for Year 1."


"Staff ensure that there are good links with parents, where home visits enable adults to quickly understand the needs of each individual child. Parents are usefully encouraged to contribute to assessments of their children’s progress. Children’s learning journeys show that regular assessments of children’s learning take place. Next steps are planned for each child to ensure that they make good progress."

"Children in the Early Years Foundation stage settle quickly and develop good learning skills. By the time they enter Year 1, they have achieved well in nearly all areas of learning. They develop confidence in their literacy skills using their phonic knowledge (the sounds letters make) effectively to read key vocabulary. They are prepared to ‘have a go’ at writing."


 "Relationships between members of staff and children are strong. There is a welcoming atmosphere and pupils are relaxed in the setting. They feel secure within familiar routines, and develop self-confidence and social skills through their time in the early years provision. As a result they behave well."




Slough Ofsted Reports


Slough Full Inspection - November 2015


Slough Monitoring Inspection - October 2014


Slough Full Inspection - May 2013



London Ofsted Reports


London Full Inspection - June 2015






London and Slough:

  • Summer term: Tuesday 18th April 2017 to Thursday 27th July 2017
  • Half Term Holidays: Monday 29th May 2017 to Friday 2rd June 2017
  • Parents' Open Day: Friday 28th July 2017

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